Greenberg: 'millions of Natals in consumer's homes this holiday'

Joystiq writes: "Discussing specifics of the company's forthcoming Project Natal, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg told Joystiq, "We think that there will be millions of Natals in consumer's homes this holiday." To put that number into context, Microsoft sold 2.3m Xbox 360 consoles and Nintendo sold 1.7m copies of Wii Fit with bundled Balance Board in the US during the months of November and December, 2008."

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Cold 20003593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )


I wonder if there'es anything big enough from Nin or Sony that will be able to survive the marketing and hype megastorm MS seem to be preparing with Natal.

Halo Reach + Natal ? Since MS are the king of marketiing I think the media is not only going to talk but will also eat, drink and sleep 360 this fall.

KionicWarlord2223593d ago

But this cant be.....its over 9000 ?


umair_s513593d ago

The term 'Millions' implies several million i.e. atleast 3 - 4 million. Now that's a huge claim by Microsoft. Only time will tell...

Elven63593d ago

Nintendo already has something, Wii Motion+ and the Vitality sensor, I doubt Microsoft or Sony would be able to "coup de grace" the Wii movement entirely at this point, make a dent in? Perhaps. I want to see how Sony markets their motion controller, I have seen little to no marketing for it and it's supposed to come out this Spring, a delay perhaps? The Sony Wand in my opinion if it releases in Spring could have the potential to slow the Natal momentum down if marketed right. I hope Sony begins to pursue their motion tech the same way Microsoft is, I doubt they will kill of regular controllers though.

Regardless, I can't wait to try both of them out! I've bought almost every "camera controlled" console tech since they came out (Eyetoy, Live Vision, etc). I only have to get the Dreamcast Eye, given its limited run it will probably be a pricey import.

beans3593d ago

I simply can't imagine Sony or Nintendo even being recognized next holiday. Natal+Reach+Fable3= insane hype and media coverage. Come E3 this is going to be a showdown especially since GOW3, Heavy Rain, and GT5 will all be out of the way. 3d gaming might just be the hype Sony needs with motion controls to possibly slow down Natal Momentum a little.

Apocalypse Shadow3593d ago

sony has new ps3 games,3D games,3D movies,motion control,3D motion control games.

and that's just the top of my head.

this isn't 2006 and sony losing tons of money per unit's 2010 and sony has the marketing dollars as we seen last fall with kevin butler.ps3 should break even this year where it won't be an issue.

microsoft will sell units,but don't think for a minute that it will be some runaway train.especially since...

they have shown no real games
no high end games
no two player natal
no 3-4 player natal
no multiple voice commands from 2 people

but hype should carry it through.right?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3593d ago

Just when the PS3 started to gain some momentum, along comes Natal to spoil the party. lol

Seriously, Natal looks like it might be the final nail in the PS3's coffin, so I expect a massive hate campaign to be launched as we get closer to its release.

It's similar to how a few weeks before Modern Warfare 2's release we heard 80% of N4G say that they hated the game and were not going to buy it, and then the game was released and broke all records in sales. lol

danthegardner3593d ago

What are the other nails in the ps3 coffin? Besides halo. And why are you excited for Natal? Is it because its ammo for you to use to make the 360 seem better than the ps3. Or because you really want to play with it.

moneybuyseverything3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Unless Sony and Nintendo come up with something very big, there is no way in hell they will be in the spotlight this holiday season. Natal will be huge with it's launch line-up, this will be as bid as a new console launching. Then you have the unannounced holiday line-up and Halo Reach. Plus all the other AAAs exclusives coming out almost every other month this year we already know of on the 360.

Microsoft marketing will be the biggest we've seen from them ever and XBL's evolution/new updates will also help. Microsoft will essentially be creating a new market of it's own sharing the market with no other console company. Natal will be picking up where the Wii's success left off. People will see Natal as Wii part two and we all know Motion is hot based off of the Wii's success.

Microsoft also said there will be peripheral for Natal so expect "WANDS" for Natal and other things as well. Natal will be in the current motion market and another one all by itself.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3593d ago

The PS3's coffin is full of nails. Sony has been making poor decisions with it since before it was even released.

I am excited about Natal because it looks very fun and has a massive amount of potential. The voice recognition alone could be used in amazing ways, and I can't wait to see how developers use it.

3593d ago
moneybuyseverything3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Yes because somebody named "thewarrenty" with a RROD avatar is so credible and clear minded using common sense :p

I wouldn't just say million but a surprisingly large chunk of the current fanbase, not to mention the new consumers that will come flooding in to XBOX because of Natal.

There is no denying what attracted the millions of Wii consumers to Nintendo will flock to Natal seeing it as the evolution of the Wii tech.

JsonHenry3593d ago

Maybe, but I have yet to see ANYTHING that makes me want a Natal. Personally, I am more excited for Sony's motion control. And that is coming from a guy that plays his 360 at least 7-10x more than his 360.

That is just how unimpressed I am with Natal.

moneybuyseverything3593d ago

I don't think disagreeing will change the reality of what's coming LOL

Jaces3593d ago

Natal hype and momentum....whaaa?

I have seen zero on Natal that proves anything that MS claims could be done. If anything I see Halo: Reach overshadowing Natal, and if they don't price it below $100 then I don't see many gamers rushing out to buy it, one being me.

But whatever, hype yourselves up all you want and if your unfortunate enough you'll come out the other side very disappointed and let down. I'll wait till I see some real hardcore gameplay mechanics that involve Natal before I make any assumptions.

RememberThe3573593d ago

Stop sitting there acting like you don't comment will any bias.

Why are you guys sitting here making all these assumptions?

I have no doubt that Natal is going to be successful in one way or another, but all this talk as though it is the second coming is lame.

Why is it that you guys are focusing on how well MS will advertise instead of if they will make games you'll actually want to play?

Who cares how successful Natal is if it doesn't have any content you want to play.

Captain Planet3593d ago

Reality? Everything you have said about Natal in this article has been speculation and flamebait.

3593d ago
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Jaces3593d ago

It amazes me that people don't take time to think about the negatives and what would not work with Natal, hell I even think the PS3wand is a bad idea.

Sorry for being a bit skeptical but I'd rather not be let down after the hype train has dropped me off. But you guys who can't take your lips off MS's ass go on ahead and keep defending Natal when all you can do is speculate based off some demo's that showed pretty much nothing.

PLAYstar3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

People are actually getting excited over Natal?! Let's be serious. What is there to be excited about it? We haven't even see what Natal could really accomplish. All we have see are just fake edited trailers by the M$ camp, and you call that exciting? Natal with Potential features? You gotta be joking~!

I would love to see the faces of the fools after they jump into the hype train again, just like the Halo Wars and ODST ...

jack_burt0n3593d ago

wow you talk about other peoples insecurities and u have a melt down when someone says they have not seen anything exciting about natal yet.....

you must be on the payroll, money clearly bought ur cheap soul LOL

Anon19743593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

The casuals aren't going to buy Natal. Casuals don't follow games, they don't know what the Xbox 360 offers and they aren't going to buy a 360 and Natal and controllers when they can just pick up a Wii for less money and play Mario, something they're all familiar with. If casuals were interested in the Xbox in the first place they would have been switching over in droves when Microsoft lowered the price cheaper than the Wii. They didn't. They kept buying the Wii and almost 10 million of them just this holiday alone bought Super Mario Brothers.

And the hardcore aren't going to buy Natal. You can't tell me for one second your average player who enjoys the hell outta Halo and Gears of War is suddenly going to drop $50-100 bucks on Natal to play Breakout with their body, or throw virtual paint on a wall or tell Milo about their day. It's not going to happen. There have been games like this on the PC for years using your average web cam and guess what? They never caught on.

So I'd love Microsoft to explain to us what the demographic is that's going to leap all over Natal in a couple of months. They number in the millions, apparently, but I have yet to meet any gamer who has viewed Natal with anything more than passing curiosity.

Seriously. Even those of you that think you might like to give it a try. Are you really planning to rush out next November and plunk down your money for a newly released Natal - a souped up camera for your 360 - rather then just jump into multiplayer with Halo Reach instead?

mfwahwah3593d ago

@ppl saying SONY has nothing for holiday '10.

Everything we know about SONY's line up is in the first half of '10. SONY hasn't had a completely stangant lineup for the fall season this whole generation. Wait until E3 and some release dates before thinking you know every detail about what's happening.

Natal is going to be a bullet in MS's gun, but it's not a tactical nuke or anything like that. Especially since PS3 will have had motion control for months by that time.

ThanatosDMC3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I hope these people buy Natal. I really hope they do. I doubt they'd learn though, especially Bubbles.

wicko3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Nail in the PS3's coffin, whaa? Sorry, but no? PS3 has been doing better than ever, and is steadily catching up in sales. Multiplatform games are turning out better, and the exclusives are just rolling in. They found the cure to their cancer and its called PS3 Slim.

On the topic of motion controls, Natal has nothing going for it right now, there have been no game announcements of any kind, and all we've seen are a scripted "tech demo", a ball blocking game that clearly demonstrates that natal is not ready for the market considering how inaccurate it was, broken mimicking software for the 360 avatars, and a bunch of unrealistic "this is what natal could be" videos. If natal is successful in anyway, its going to end up like the Wii: nothing interesting going for it, just a bunch of shovelware. Sony's wand could end up in the same boat, although their tech demos actually worked and did something interesting. However, I feel the same way about the wand: no information on titles or any kind of support. Nothing to be excited about here.

If anything, a lot of consumers are going to see a more expensive copycat. Wii owners didn't buy a wii because they love "hardcore" games. They bought it because its a toy, a relatively cheap one.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"They found the cure to their cancer and its called PS3 Slim."

Yeah, but come Fall of 2010, Natal is gonna put them back on life support. lol

It's like getting cured of cancer, only to find out that you have AIDS.


Saaking3593d ago

lol @ people think Natal will be this huge deal. Unless it's mandatory for Halo, it will not sell as well as MS has been saying. The wii's audience does not want a 360.

DelbertGrady3593d ago

It will be an interesting E3 this year, to say the least.

Bigpappy3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Natal will not be a nail in PS3. PS3 now has a sizable fanbase and some good games. But, I do agree with him that Natal will sell very well upon release. I was ready to buy it since E3 and have shown the demo's to some non gamers who just go "oh my god". The thing that makes Natal easier to sell than Eyetoy and wand, is the cool factor. People think Natal is cool. I like that I can move around my dash without anything in my hands. I like playing card games and I am active (go to the gym a lot). Ricochet looks like a lot of fun for some one like me. I could play that over and over just trying to get a higher score. The workout is a great side benefit. As far as hardcore, I think it will work well in hard core game when combined with the controller. I would think M$ will do this in Halo and I know it will be done in Fable3. If it is bundled with those games, millions is and easy prediction. But yea, lets see what developer come up with by E3 2010.

Socrates3593d ago

Why are so many radical PS3 loyalists in every Natal article? It's getting annoying.

I am really looking forward to Natal because I think the technology is exciting and has a lot of potential. There is a lot we don't know about it and of course I want to see more, but I know that will all be coming later (probably mostly around E3).

It's like being excited for a movie; maybe you have seen a few trailers and read a little bit about it, but most of it is swathed in secrecy and unknowns. That doesn't stop you from getting excited about it though does it? If it looks like it has potential to you then you look forward to it. Of course that doesn't mean that it will for sure be everything you expected, but something about it has caught your interest.

It is the same way with Natal or any other game announcement. They don't show everything to you right away, but if the snippets of details seem interesting to you of course you are going to be excited.

The tech carries a lot of potential and I think Microsoft are just the type to pull something like this off. They will have the tech, the software and the marketing to help it reach its potential.

NickIni3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

You can't seriously think Natal will "kill the PS3".

Both Natal and the PS3 wand look like total crap. Motion control in general is boring and effort, and fun most occurs when playing with friends, as proven by the Wii. The technology in both is fairly new, but realistically, who's going to buy them?

Most people already have a wii. They either love it or hate it and don't play it. Their not going to bother will either of these. They've already got something very similar, and they either love it and play it loads of absolutely hate it. Why would they want another of something they don't use?

Guido3593d ago

To answer your flame bait question, you simply need to look back at history and see that both Nintendo and Sony have survived every hype train that MS has fired up. When Halo 3 was released, Sony and Ninty lived on and they did so by selling more consoles than MS world wide. The only people that propose doom and gloom on Ninty and Sony when MS fire up the hype train are MS fanbabies. It's sad too since learning a little history is not hard at all...

bjornbear3593d ago


I wonder if there's a guy with a mouth big enough from Nin or Sony that will be able to spew out the marketing and hype megastorm MS seem to be preparing with Natal

see what i did there ;) i FIXED IT =D

vhero3593d ago

Millions?? So they giving them away? I reckon they gonna be bundling them with future Xbox 360's after September to save face and push the product when it starts to fail.

Information Minister3593d ago

Yes indeed, Natal will sell itself. Never mind that we still haven't seen any real games using the tech. Who needs games anyway? All hail the savior of the decaying gaming industry!/s

Heck!... Judging from the comments on this story, Microsoft could put an Atari 2600 on a box saying that it's the new Xbox, and people would not only still buy it, but also hype it like the second coming!

wicko3593d ago

"Yeah, but come Fall of 2010, Natal is gonna put them back on life support. lol"

Hmm you're right. With the extensive list of games using Natal and all the non-scripted demos we've seen, I can really see how you justify that statement. Wait..

Christopher3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I highly doubt this. Most people who are interested in motion gaming already own a Wii and aren't likely to pay for the same thing twice.

With Natal, we're talking about owning a 360 + Natal + games that are likely to have higher production costs than what's made for the Wii.

Honestly, I'm sure there's a profit to be made off of motion gaming on both the 360 and the PS3, but wii kind of has the corner on the market and there's no way either will compete with it considering there are just as many Wiis in homes as there are PS3s and 360s combined already.

Greywulf3592d ago

Do people really bel... nevermind.

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ironmonkey3593d ago

lol he said he THINKS there will be millions in consumers home dont mean its gonna happen i THINK im gonna win a million dollars lol