MAG character classes list

As you may know, MAG for the PlayStation 3 is an exclusive, mass shooter in which over 256 players can fight at one time. VGB takes a look at the classes and factions that you'll find in this Massive Action Game.

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Madis0073595d ago

VALOR(USA) - More like vietnam war style
RAVEN(EUROPE) - Super training, super weapons and best weapons aim
S.V.E.R.(ARABIC) - Home made weapons,armor and other thing. Weapons are strong but bad aim.

RememberThe3573595d ago

I took VALOR. I liked how scrappy they were. I was right on the verge of going RAVEN though; I liked how slick they looked.

Staircase3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Uhh... what? These aren't the classes at all. Paratrooper?

Off my head i can think of:

Support (Medic, Repair, Assisting Skills)
Sniper (Duh)
Commando (Radar Abilities, Close Combat Weapons)
Direct Action (Basically all Machine gun)
Rapid Assault (Basically all Assault)

PS: Anyone on the edge about the MAG Beta, give it a bit to grow on you. Especially when you hit level 10 and unlock Domination (The 256 Player battles) It really changes the flow of the game.

SixZeroFour3595d ago

i dont have a ps3 but i was wondering about the 256 player game does matchmaking work for that? do you wait for 256 players, or does it start after like 64 players are found or something?

ShinRyuHadoken3594d ago


Nope, You dont need too wait. You spawn in and others will follow.

peeps3594d ago

u join a queue, and the cool thing is u can join a que but still access the menu's to look at stats, community, sort ur loadouts etc etc then once enough ppl have joined u all get put into the pre game screen where u can organise squads and apply for leadership etc.

it actually works really well and playing a 64 player mode usually only takes around a minute or so but sometimes u join almost instantaniously. domination takes longer but then it is having to wait for 256 players 2 join lol

crazyturkey3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

SVER is good also, not to mention their use of duct tape is superb, but Raven stink, even with all of their tech....................All they do is camp with snipers just to get charged back to their HQ's in less than 5 minutes while defending in Domination, and when they attack I usually spent all 30 minutes in the Bunker zone, since they can't seem to get passed us.

mcnablejr3594d ago

your an idiot if you cant see that. ''I usually spent all 30 minutes in the Bunker zone'' so who is the camper?

Sevir043595d ago

OMG Domination is crazy you see everything on the feiled your enemies are all over the place and it is hectic... It was a good decision to lock you out of domination from the get go so after getting to level 10 you'll be trained enough to handle the chaos of an all out War in Domination. It's really a Massive action game and getting to level ten changes up everything for you once you get on the domination and the suppression matches. I like it. Its the Shiz.

mcnablejr3594d ago

pretty much sums domination up. smaller battles are better.

agentace3594d ago

domination is highly organized and way better than any crappy small battle

At level 15 it all changes again when you an command :)

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The story is too old to be commented.