Final Fantasy Tactics - Spawn Kill Favorites

Final Fantasy Tactics incorporated all of the best elements of both the Final Fantasy and Ogre Battle franchises. The intricate battle and leveling mechanics from the Ogre series were a perfect match for the previously-established line of Final Fantasy jobs as well as the generally-grand plots and character developments from the then-recent games in the FF catalog.

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tigresa3602d ago

I was one of those crazy fools who just picked it up at first just because it was Final Fantasy, despite knowing that it was a strategy game. I wish I had more patience for this game to play longer, it seemed pretty epic for a strategy RPG!

Snarkasaur3602d ago

This was the intro to my long ass affair with SRPGs. Oddly enough I'm still playing it on the psp...

ihaten4glol3602d ago

Never completed one, but boy did I enjoy what I finished of FFT on the GBA. Fantastic game.

rrquinta3601d ago

I do have a taste for a good SRPG, but haven't had a chance to play this yet.