PopMatters: The Saboteur Review


"More compelling is just the general interest that the game has in playing around with the dichotomy between freedom and authoritarianism as it plays between the color of libertine culture (ranging from liberating the red light district of Paris to the paintings and sculpture housed at the Louvre) and the darkness of Nazi oppression signified by propaganda speakers, Nazi book burners, and the like. There is nothing especially innovative here in the notions underlying these themes, but the art direction and atmosphere that serves to represent these ideas makes the presentation interesting enough in a superficial kind of way. The game is fun to look at and (when some of the lighting and control issues don't cause some minor havoc) generally fun to play. The Saboteur is not the most profound vision of World War II in media, but it will keep your attention by offering enough eye candy and interesting activities to distract from its sometimes facile presentation of the period."

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