Are Gamers Watching Fewer Movies?

PSX: The point is, the PlayStation 3 is a Blu-Ray player, right? Shouldn't this feature alone prompt you to watch more movies? Or let's just say you don't own a PS3 at all, but you're still a hardcore gamer...does this mean you're watching fewer movies these days, or more? And perhaps a follow-up question is, are you planning to see all the movies currently in production that are based on games you've played? Or will mega-blockbuster movies like "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" only appeal to those who actually didn't play the game, who don't really play games at all, and only see it as a "cool action movie with that dude from 'Brokeback Mountain"? The reason I ask these questions is because I've found that I rarely watch movies at all, anymore. I think I might go to the theater once all year and I can't remember the last time I bought a new release on either DVD or Blu-Ray. I just got "Heat" and "Crimson Tide" on BD along with "Big," "The Shining," and "Annie Hall" on DVD but every time I scour the New Releases rack at the store, I just come away disgusted and bored.

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Kalowest3599d ago

I have 7 BD movies, trying to have 30 or more by the end of the year.
The PS3 is still the best BR on the market, wished gamers would watch more movies on it, Damn Disney movies are the Sh1t on BR.

WildArmed3599d ago

I only wish Eddy was in there >.>
uhm.. where was I...
yeah.. I rarely watch movies on my ps3. Unless I'm playing games like MGS4/Uncharted 2 which are games that walk the line.
Last blu-ray movie i played was Dark Knight...
Own about 7-8 bluray discs atm

TheTruth20093598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It's was their (Sony) main focus.

Games obviously weren't. And aren't.

XBOX360 got it right this generation (repeat):
1. Judging by 98% of the multiplatform games, XBOX360's version looks and plays MUCH better than the PS3's version.
2. XBOX Live is universally known as being HEAD AND SHOULDERS above PSN.
3. Downloadable Content comes to XBOX360 first, and is exclusive most of the time and/or a timed exclusive.
4. The controller on the XBOX360 is ergonomically sound.
5. The XBOX Live Community is 20 million strong and always has people available for Online Gaming. 200,000 people playing Halo 3 right now. 4,000 people playing Uncharted 2.
6. Almost all XBOX360 exclusives have an Online Feature attached. Unlike its PS3 counterparts.
7. No (or very rarely) patches, load screens, or updates.
8. A headset comes with each XBOX360.

BluRay was the main reason for the release of the Playstation 3 to begin with. To win the Format War. Games were secondary. Isn't it obvious?

NO ONE (at Sony) CARES about Gaming.

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Dirty J3598d ago

games >>> movies

what did u enjoy most uncharted 2 or avatar (the movie)

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