PlayStation Network Maintenance Next Week

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"The Community Team Leader of the official PlayStation forum in Spain has informed PSN users of a scheduled maintenance where some PlayStation Servers will be interrupted for a several hours. This will not be a complete shut off as not all servers are effected, details follow."

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DoucheVader3604d ago

Maybe this is the uber net killer-app on the way. Or just some routine maintenance to update firmwares LOL. I am sure the rumormillz will ensue!

WildArmed3604d ago

Aye. but as much as I try not to get excited for these stupid Maintenance , i still do -.-

uhm.. .i ddidnt get carried away at all >.>

Marceles3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Hopefully it'll at least help the slow trophy/profile updates

edit: oops PirateThom said it already

Optical_Matrix3604d ago


Dutch Boogie3604d ago

lol i was just about to state that.

PirateThom3604d ago

I hope they're fixing the trophy synch issue.

callahan093604d ago

I had that issue back in November, but not since the end of November, it's been fine for me. You're still having problems with it?

PirateThom3604d ago

The one where you synch, then the card doesn't update? Still happening, only started end of December. Usually have to wait for 12-24 hours for it to work after synching.

Lifewish3604d ago

yea they need to fix that for sure

_TheSituation_3604d ago

i will have to check that because i think mine update. But there is an issue on the website for me when i go to update my trophy card. It keeps saying "Session expired" and signing me out to sign back in again. Don't know if this is with everybody but it sux for me.

monkey6023604d ago

I only had this problem for the first time today! It could have been happening all along but I only noticed it earlier

Redempteur3603d ago

that weird i plati uncharted 2 this morning , ..then quit , sync ...and went to the website ..and it was updated ...the most i had to wait before the changes took place was 5 mins ...

ian723603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Its been taking 12-24 hours for my trophies to update after sync-ing. Only been happenning to me for the last few weeks though.
Trophies sync ok, but not updating on my trophy list.

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user94220773604d ago

Agreed Thom, it would be nice to know that we don't have to worry about the trophy sync issues anymore

3604d ago
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