Ninety-Nine Nights II Spreads Darkness This Spring

Konami, who is now publishing Ninety-Nine Nights II, set a timeline for the game. It's scheduled for spring 2010 in Japan.

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WildArmed3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

First one was really fun for the first 3 hours.
Then the game just sucked like hell o_o

Hopefully it'll be better this time around

(speaking of which, i remember NNN being 360 only)

Chris3993594d ago

Very dark and moody. Flashy effects, bizarre characters and big bosses. All you need in an action/ JRPG :) There's a trailer for it that you can grab of the Japanese marketplace.

Looking forward to this game myself.

green3594d ago

Saw a gameplay video of N32 on youtube and it looked much better than the first one. My only concern was that the video showed way too many enemies and the enemy A.I looked dumb. Will reserve my judgement until i know a bit more about the game.

moneybuyseverything3594d ago

They should ship NN2 first, I don't think the Japanese gamers will buy Darksiders even on PS3. Maybe they're trying to get some money first because NN2 is only on the 360.