89% of Japan to own a DS by 2011

In a newly published report, Ed Barton of UK-based analyst group Screen Digest takes an in-depth look at the varying strategies, install base, and software sales of the DS and PSP over their life so far, predicting that, by 2001, the DS will have an installed base of 112 million and the PSP 67 million - with an unprecedented 89% DS household ownership rate in Japan.

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CrazzyMan4238d ago

ps2 did 20 mln. per year WORLDWIDE.. =)
but, hmm.. maybe it`s possible. :)
for 69$ by 2010-2011, why not? =)

Nicosia4237d ago

People are going crazy for this, can't blame them those RPG's are looking damn fine!

felidae4237d ago

that would be crazy. but i still don't get it .. the PSP is so much better now. there are some games coming out which look better than ps2 games.

but yeah you're right Nicosia ... those RPG's are looking damn fine but even for that genre the PSP is the better choice in my opinion.

commadore654237d ago

I think that even over half the country having one specific item is massive, compare the ownership of DS' to the amount of washing machines or summin.

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