Microsoft Secured Yet Another Exclusive--Beautiful Katamari--From Namco Bandai

Little birdie with good reason to know--and to gloat--informed us that the We Love Katamari sequel, Beautiful Katamari, would join the ranks of Xbox 360 exclusive titles.

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DixieNormS4730d ago

If this is real. It is coming from newsweek so who knows. But this is big.

MikeMichaels4730d ago

This game would have been MUCH better with the SIXAXIS. May as well just play the PS2 version.

Diselage4730d ago

Wow, Can't believe they got this one, Microsoft knows what they need to do don't they.

HowarthsNJ4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

...or so it seems.

This game was set to come out in Oct 2007 for PS3, 360 and Wii for $39.99 ( Now's it's listed at Gamestop for $59.99 XB360 exclusive (Jan 2008).

I'm more concerned with the price increase. PS3/Wii users will have to wait a bit I guess, but at the same high price?

ps3gogetitt4730d ago

this game is coming to ps3 also around the same time the xbox 360 gets it, this guy needs to go back and tell the birdie he was misinformed, i am looking forward to this game on the ps3, it's actually fun surprisely

SorenK4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

Well this is pretty astounding news, Newsweek is a fairly reputable source (although I always considered myself more of a Times man).

BIadestarX4730d ago

it better not be true... or we are going to have depresed sony fanboys... we none of us want that.

Stumpy Bob4730d ago

I'll have to buy a 360.....

ngg123454730d ago

"But when a little birdie with good reason to know--and to gloat--informed us that the We Love Katamari sequel, Beautiful Katamari, would join the ranks of Xbox 360 exclusive titles, the pattern was impossible to deny. We've since confirmed that an exclusivity deal between Namco and Microsoft is very close to fruition, likely to be announced at the E3 Media and Business Summit in July. Namco is enjoying the warm embrace and ever-deepening ties with Microsoft, while Microsoft sees this as an opportunity to change the perception of Xbox 360 as the barracks for bald space marines and little else."
He is stating here that because pac man was a xbox 360 exclusive, and eternal sonata is a xbox 360 exclusive this will be a xbox 360 exclusive. His evidence is misinformered in terms of ace combat is a xbox 360 exclusive which it isn't
I don't take this for a grain of salt because it is really just speculation.

OC_MurphysLaw4730d ago

You are wrong, the article is not fake. It is real...its on Newsweeks site. Now you may disagree with this rumor and think that it is not coming true and has no merit based on what you read...but this is hardly a "fake" article/rumor. It's real and published should be listed as a rumor and it should be approved with the corrections made.

ngg123454730d ago

This guy is making pure speculation non sense. It wasn't like he had any evidence or acually any truth to this arguement. He just stated because this is an xbox 360 exclusive every other game will be. It is stupid his logic.

The only evidence this game has is from namco's mouth. And here is when they announced the game.
"Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that The King of All Cosmos, everyone's favorite pint-sized Prince, and the whole wacky and wild Katamari crew will be making their hilarious next generation debut in Beautiful Katamari™ for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft later this year."

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The story is too old to be commented.