XBL Friends on Windows Messenger

As Major Nelson reports, users from the United States should now be able to check on their Xbox Live friends list simply by using Windows Live Messenger on their PC.

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THELANDSOFSAND6160d ago (Edited 6160d ago )



Once they get the full Live! service running with Vista and Zune this is going to be awesome! Finally, gamers get connected!

halo4life6160d ago

Microsoft is changing how we play games just like Nintendo is Live anywhere will really be hard to beat ROCK ON MICROSOFT!!!!

Optimus Prime6160d ago

not it canada! dam that suks, oh well hopefully it comes here soon. xbox 360 all they way

TMoney6160d ago

Microsoft continues to push the envelope with innovation after innovation. Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade are HUGE and the upcoming Xbox Live Anywhere will continue to change the face of gaming in a big way.
I remember when Sony fanboys compared Microsoft's console future to Sega's Dreamcast failure. However, I don't hear much from those fanboys lately.
As for Sony...I hear about some clear innovations in marketing and technology...with regard to their new motion controller. Oh wait...that was Nintendo. The two sku is pretty innovative, though. Oh wait...that was Microsoft. Actually, what I hear from the Sony camp is the sound of crickets chirping...and the distant sound of a fat lady warming up her vocal cords.