Netflix Streaming: Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3

From the feature article:

"Having first revolutionized the way people rent movies, (to 'Netflix' something is becoming as much a verb as to 'Google' it) the company is now aiming to change the way we watch, well frankly everything. The ultimate goal of Netflix is to have the entirety of video broadcast media viewable online at any time. Yes, that goal is a long ways off and it seems that at least two thirds of Netflix's instant viewing library is devoted to bad horror movies and straight-to-video releases. There's still hours and hours of things worth seeing from funny independent films to a growing number of TV shows who are making their newest episodes available for streaming soon after they air. My only home computer is good enough for email and updating my ipod, but it doesn't have the chops to stream video, so I'm left with two options, one of which may seem heinous. Yes, I admit it PlanetXbox360 readers, I own a PS3. Primarily it was because at the time I picked up a high-def TV Blu-ray had just won the format war and it was the best player for the money on the market."

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Valkyrie833602d ago

I have both, mainly only use the Xbox 360 one - seem fairly similar, good article!

darthv723602d ago

it is more titles available. Funny thing but there are titles i have in my queue that i cant even see on the 360 but i see them on the ps3.

Quality wise I like the 360 as I dont get as many adjustments to the stream on the fly like the ps3. Both systems are wireless and my net connection averages 5.4mbps.

The whole interface on 360 is much more clean and that is MS doing as opposed to netflix. MS sure knows how to design their GUI. The ps3 one is like the ones for other bluray players (for now at least).

IdleLeeSiuLung3602d ago

But, FREE on the PS3 is a huge advantage that seems to strike a chord that crowd. I would stuck with the PS3 if it weren't for the other benefits Live Gold gives me.

I also got to add that the PS3 is quieter than the Xbox 360!

WildArmed3602d ago

I love both of them.
I dont know about load time differences bcoz they seem the same. I have a 1000mb LAN wire running to both with a 30mbps connection.
I use my 360 when I'm too lazy to get up n replace the Uncharted 2 disc lol and I have Gold ofc.
Other then that, i use my ps3.
Also I like to alternate on what I'm gaming, if i was playing ps3, i'll use 360 to watch netflix.
and vice versa if i'm playing 360.

I dont 'prefer' one over the other, just that I like the other to cool down etc etc. (or If i have a download pending on a console)

DatNJDom813602d ago

Both are great. Pointless article.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3602d ago

1000mb LAN wire running to both with a 30mbps connection? mmmm

So you have a 30mbps connection? You must be joking right?! And if it is true, where do you live anyway?

And the 1000mb LAN is a waste unless you have the wireless N for the X360 and the PS3 is not even applicable.

Pillage053602d ago

30mb/s whoa...that's fast...mine usually sits around 11-12 and I thought that was quick

WildArmed3602d ago

err supposed to 100mb =/
Added a extra 0 by mistake lol

Since the 360 only has a 100mbps lan card..
with a 3mbps download speed, I dont have any issues with stremaing netflix.

A Cupcake for Gabe3602d ago


360: Integrated with Avatar theater
Faster Menu loading (Movies load about the same)
Integrated as an APP and not a Disc.

PS3: Free
Higher Quality HD
More Options and Larger Selection of Movies

I used the 360 until the PS3 disc came out. The only issue I have is it's a a small ass pain having to use a disc. It wasn't at first, but it's nice not having to hop up and put it in just to see if anything new came out. I would use it more often if the put it into the XMB under Video, which is coming this year, so I can just jump from the Web or another game to Netflix without having to take out the game and put the NFDisc in.

Both are great IMO. BTW Netflix is coming to iPhone and Wii soon too. We should stop comparing the consoles, and worry about the death of the DVD. Bluray + Netflix + PSN/XBL Store = Dead DVDs.

Motion3602d ago

Most all LAN cables/ethernet cards are 1000mbps now (gigabit). Yeah, its overkill for an internet connection, but is good for setting up networks, which is its main purpose. I'm not sure of the relevance of using a wireless N card with it, and a ps3 is quite applicable as it does have a gigabit port built in (i assume 360 does as well).

SilentNegotiator3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

PS3: More titles (Sony Pictures videos are included), free (Not need for gold account), needs disc (For now)

360: No need for disc

Solidus187-SCMilk3602d ago

but if my gold ran out I would get the disk and use the ps3 cuz its free.

Anon19743602d ago

I know you can't get it in Canada, but does anyone in Europe have access to these services?

WildArmed3602d ago

Live in greater Chicago, IL.
Got Comcast... ^^

Demos are done before I can go get a glass of water from the kitchen (1~5mins trip)

Lumbo3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

@dark: Netflix IS and WAS an US only service, cause Netflix lacks streaming rights for anywhere on the world except the USA.

No one outside of the USA cares about Netflix cause the service is region locked via IP geotag.

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S M N3602d ago

or the rest of the world

vhero3602d ago

UK are getting love film soon as an alternative is the latest rumour mill though

Godmars2903602d ago

So of course the 360's integrated player has to preform better. Still, the PS3 version does have the advantage of not needing additional fees to be use now that said contract obligations have been circumvented.

-Alpha3602d ago

Don't worry, sooner or later in 2010 they will drop the need for a disc and go with digital.

Once that happens then PS3 will have the better service considering that it's free to access.

I'm not sure which console has more movies, I'm assuming the 360 because Netflix has been around longer.

Megaton3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Don't think there is one with "more movies", it doesn't work like that. I heard the little mini selection they give you on the consoles is better on PS3, since it uses the standard Netflix interface that all the other Netflix devices use, but neither one offers the full instant stream library anyways. You've still gotta use your PC for both versions if you wanna see everything Netflix has.

lightningsax3602d ago

I haven't had a problem playing any instant thing on my queue yet. Maybe I was just lucky.

@Alpha - Yeah, and the Planet360 writer didn't even mention that the disc was temporary either. Right now, it is a pain to get all the way off your chair and put in a new disc to watch Netflix (lol) but it'll be much easier once the disc obligation is done with. And yeah, it'll still be free.

Godmars2903602d ago

And yet we've got this article. Have and Yahoo dissing on 3DTV because MS couldn't figure out how to get a slice of that potential money cake.

(Would have said pie, but its just overused :p)

-Alpha3602d ago

3-D is a little gimmicky to be fair. I wont hype it as a big thing, but I will welcome the new experience as something to experience.

Assuming MSN criticizes it because they are owned by MS, one would then have to question why other MS-owned sites like CNet praise the PS3 and even reward it console of the year if they have a bias. Clearly there is a bias inconsistency, so it's most likely that MS doesn't micromanage its subsidiaries to make them look better than the PS3.

Triella3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

PS3 has the largest selection because Sony Pictures movies and TV shows are not available on 360... guess why.

-Alpha3602d ago

I thought Sony put its videos on the 360 Netflix... I remember people flipping out at first but I thought the issue was quickly resolved.

I'm seeing a lot of people saying the Netflix on PS3 has more movies. If that's true then PS3 on Netflix is clearly better.

However, PS3 still needs to fix issues with streamlining Netflix. Not only does the disc need to be ditched (and it will), but it also needs to remove slowdown and loading, etc. The 360 version is smoother to run. But the PS3 version with more movies is clearly better, and it will only get better with time.

Triella3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Well they were flipping because when Sony Pictures were taken out of the Netflix for 360, people were fearing the movies from Columbia Pictures (also owned by Sony) would be pulled out as well, which happened but only for some of them.

Solidus187-SCMilk3602d ago

never tried it on ps3 but 360 has a certain amount movies and tv shows to chose from the 360. the lists are updated and they change what movies are available. You can stream any movie that they offer for instant viewing to xbox as long as you log on to netflix and choose it through them. It will then be in you instant que list on the 360.

not sure how it works on ps3 but you could use the browser to go to netflix and have access to all.

Hutch23553602d ago

I have never come across any. I asked someone on here once who said that to tell me what movies they have on their que but not on the 360, never got a reply, so I don't know. What I do know is that some movies were pulled at one point, but had heard that some had come back. I don't know. Never has affected me. And if it is true, people call microsoft petty on things, Sony would have to rank right up there if that is the case that they don' allow sony movies on the 360. Whats next not allowing sony dvd's to not play on the xbox. Pretty low I say.

Godmars2903602d ago

Meh, like I said somewhere else, if Avatar and the coming tide of remakes looks as good in 3D on a small screen as in the theater it'll be worth it.

So long as you can get a 40" set at $1500 or under, and they keep George Lucas away from the Star Wars re-re-re-re-makes. Killing them if they have to.

Solidus187-SCMilk3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I dont know what is on my que right now because I havnt used it for a while but I know that I watched all the episodes of ghost in the shell sac season 1 and that sure wasnt a selection on the xbox menu.

edit--- ohh I see. someone here told you some movies arnt on xbox. Well netflix doesnt have every movie for instant viewing but if it is available for instant view on the netflix website, you can watch it on the xbox.

Also xbox has some netflix movies in hd.

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deshon093602d ago

am just happy to be able to use it on my ps3 i think it will get better with time

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