CES: Gran Turismo 5 PS3 revs in latest build

Sony Corp. this week demonsrated the latest build of Gran Turismo 5 for the Playstation 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The latest Gran Turismo 5 build showcased impressive force feedback control with a Logitech Force Feedback Steering Wheel.

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Vincent VII3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


prabx3603d ago

apart from help you spell correctly..

Hanif-8763603d ago

I just can't wait to see Gran Turismo 5 final build.. my guess is that it will be the most realistic racing simulator for a very long time to come, at least until GT6 that is ;)

sikbeta3603d ago

GT5+3D, it only does EPIC Win for Gamers

Aquanox3603d ago

more than four years and they cant show a full featured demo

Wrathman3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

you guys are total hypocrits.maybe your not old enough to remember the first 2 gran turismos.but you could pimp the sh1t out of cars in them 2.besides the custom paint jobs you get to do in forza,gt1 and 2 went to the xtremes with body kits and engine mods.miles worse than forza.

does anyone remember the car in gt2, i think..that you cud tune so much that it lifted onto the back wheels.and you could only see the sky as you drove?suzuki escudo pikes peak.i wonder if its in gt5?

customising is actually wot i miss in the last 2 gran gave it another all you do is adjust slide bars.which is still tuning but lazy imo.

found this:

[email protected] the sound and the sh1tty tv.skip to 43 secs in

FamilyGuy3602d ago

Wasn't that car like 1/2million dollars in the game? I remember finally being able to buy 1 and not being able to use it cuz it was too fast to keep under control, or maybe cuz it was a drag car. Though for me it had to be in either A-spec GT2 or GT3

mfwahwah3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )


You could do that in GT3 as well (The Escudo Pikes Peak Version thing)

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Trebius3603d ago

M$ = Dennovation (may not be a real word but u get the jyst)

MaximusPrime3603d ago

ive preordered this game.

i loved every Gran Turismo games since PS1. This GT5 is my GotY

MazzingerZ3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

(further down) @mcnablejr - "none of which are customizable?"
That would make GT lose class...we have ModNation Racers for the funny stuff

Madis0073603d ago

will include more than 950 vehicles, and an online multiplayer mode for up to 16 players.

I dident know that. WOW

Immortal3213603d ago

heard that from GameTrailer review

Sunny_D3603d ago

Oh right, because tuning and swapping out car parts isn't considered customization. Real customization is making barbie dolls on my car with MS PAINT!!!!!! YAY!!!/s

bjornbear3602d ago

this is a racing sim, a serious one at that, so real racing simmers (word?) don't give two tosses about customisation.

that stuff is for pimp my ride fans and that stuff, not real racers.

real racers care about the car's performance, and not the looks (as far as the car looks good)

beardpapa3602d ago

^ I suppose that's why some people like making sleepers (is that what they still call it?) while others like ricing out.

mfwahwah3602d ago


You're completely wrong. Unless you just mean aesthetic customization, in which case, you can go play NFS Underground or some other ****.

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