The OPM is interesting rumors turn

PS3sense: "The new OPM is out and they have brought back a great deal of rumors. One of the rumors is that Modern Warfare 2 new game types will include "Global Thermonuclear War." Of course we knew that already, some hackers have these modes, because you already unlocked because the content is already on the game disc. And what Rockstar is doing? Read the rumors quickly below."

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BlackIceJoe3594d ago

I find it interesting that it says Bethesda is working on Project V13. I remember that it was Interplay not Bethesda. Plus I thought the game was to only be for the PC. But I would be thrilled if it comes out on the PS3 too.

I wonder what new instruments will be added into Rock Band 3.

MasFlowKiller3594d ago

you are right Bethesda lost the right to make the Fallout MMO, Interplay won that lawsuit,
I remember hearing a while back about a elder scroll MMO and i hope that because they cant work on the Fallout MMO that they dont turn it to a Elder Scroll MMO because i want a proper Elder Scroll.

PLEASE Bethesda Give me Elder Scroll 5, 4 is my favorite game this Gen, no lie i have play Oblivion game of the year for over 600 hours, Best WRPG EVER i need more.

Bodster3594d ago

Defo agree, Oblivion is a fantastic game. I completed it on ps3 a while back but i have only just bought it for my new PC too, cant wait to get started on it again, just need to finish the last mission on crysis and i will once again have no life, thanks to Oblivion ;)

alphakennybody3594d ago

most likely a 150$ plastic triangle or a 200$ plastic xylophone

Arsenic133594d ago

Why the hell do these terribly translated articles get approved?

tdrules3594d ago

the irony is that OPM is British, my copy is sat on my desk atm

Megaton3594d ago

Totally agree. "The OPM is interesting rumors turn"? Really?

callahan093594d ago

Hey TDRULES could you type up the actual English text for us? Cuz this translation is garbage.

Blaze9293594d ago

hell yeah. loved the first game - surprisingly.

A Cupcake for Gabe3594d ago

I could see a Ghost COD on PSP in 3rd person view. PSP is the go too system for side stories. That's kind of the way things resistance, birth by sleep, chains of olympus, daxter, clank

BattleAxe3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Why would they give "Ghost" from MW2 his own game? He's dead now anyway.

Pricey3594d ago

set in the past maybe?

peeps3594d ago

well they brought out a comic about him lol so a game really wudnt surprise me. cheap cash in by basically using mw2 but diff missions playing as ghost?

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The story is too old to be commented.