Giant Bomb: Bayonetta (PS3) Review

GB writes: "Unfortunately, most of the kind words I have for Bayonetta are reserved for the Xbox 360 version, as the PlayStation 3 version suffers from crippling performance issues. Load times are bad, even popping up when you're simply cycling through options on your inventory menus, but what really kills it is the way the game stutters and chops through the action, dropping frames and bogging down at an almost constant rate. In another, significantly less intense game, it's something I might be able to let slide. But Bayonetta's gameplay, and even its cinematics, put such a premium on speed and precision that the experience on the PlayStation 3 is thoroughly compromised. Let me be totally clear here: if you have the option between the two consoles, consider the PlayStation 3 version to be nonexistent. If the PS3 is your only option, well, proceed with significant caution, or hitch your hopes on the notion that Sega might, someday, release a patch to address these issues."

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CrippleH3603d ago

I doubt a patch will fix all the mess.

Ninji3603d ago

A patch can't fix the generic button mashing gameplay. Then again, I don't think many people care as hardly anyone seems to have bought this. Most people decided to get the superior Darksiders instead.

Myst3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

The main thing I noticed with the PS3 version was just a lot of loading that's pretty much it. Didn't really notice a frame rate or stuttering on my end ( though not to say that isn't a problem for others ), Aside from the loading issues [ for practically everything right down to switch from weapon menu to item menu (or so it seems for me)] It was an okay game; but it just felt far to...over the top with the innuendos and poses.

Aside from that though the music was killer at times when it switched to opera I think? Classical opera? Anyway. Hope Platinum does another action game; but hopefully they will keep all that cheeky stuff tolerable/manageable.

happy_gilmore3603d ago

this POS flopped. probably sold around 75K in the US and another 50 in europe.

oh yeah, the ps3 version outsold the crapbox version in japan.

Hakimy3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

@ gun_senshi: if you actually read the review (which clearly that you didn't) you'll notice that he gave the xbox360 version 4/5 and said:" For as many different games as Bayonetta specifically recalls, there's really nothing quite like it. It carries a certain amount of the same technical appeal as Devil May Cry, while marrying it with the deliberate quirk of something like No More Heroes. It's definitely going to be a divisive game for many, but whether you like it or not, I have a feeling that the developers made exactly the game they wanted to." read next time before you post or people will think that you started to like bayonetta XD

@ ninji: the superior darksiders? it's funny that you say this when almost every site contradicts what you say by giving Bayonetta higher scores than Darksiders (gamespot,ign,gamepro,gametrai lers,eurogamer,gameinformer,et c ...)

they say that for a successful one,you will always find enemies for it ;)

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