Aliens Vs. Predator Demo Confirmed

If you're leery about Rebellion Developments after playing Rogue Warrior or Shellshock 2, there's some good news for you. The next-gen Aliens Vs. Predator will be getting a demo.

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Blaster_Master3604d ago

Thank god. Ive been on the fence about purchasing this considering all of the other failures Rebellion has made. The demo is exactly what I need to make my final decision.

A Cupcake for Gabe3604d ago

looks like it'll fall in the FPS bin with FEAR or Riddick, but I really like playing as all three factions. I wish instead of just a demo, it would be a beta

chewmandinga3604d ago

i was excited for it until i saw the trailers on the psn...hopefully the gameplay will be far more enjoyable.

mjolliffe3604d ago

Played it at an expo back in October - Wasn't bad, wasn't mid-blowing. No doubt it'll do OK with all the AvP fans around the world.

Microsoft Xbox 3603603d ago

I would much rather have them make a game of Arnold vs the Predator. The AvP spinoffs were horrible. Can't imagine what the game would be like. Ugh...

M337ING3603d ago

@Microsoft Xbox 360

It could be awesome, like the past AvP games?

Although, I guess you wouldn't know. Given your name, you've probably only started gaming in the past 4 years...

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execution173604d ago

would love to be the predator or the aliens

M337ING3604d ago

I really hope this demo comes to PC...

dirthurts3604d ago

I'm right behind you on that one.

devilmaycry20203604d ago

I just screamed like a little girl I am really looking forward to give it a go!

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The story is too old to be commented.