GTA V, New Legend Of Zelda and Saints Row 3 on deck for E3 2010

The new decade is barely upon us and the internet is already buzzing about E3 2010, which is scheduled for June 15-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Even though some of the most highly anticipated sequels drop in January and February (Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction), there's still plenty to talk about. Here's the most noteworthy news as of yet.

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sinncross3600d ago

GTA5 - teaser at best. Rockstar have not even shown anything from Agent and that is being worked on by the GTA team, Rockstar North. So unless a new team takes over I don't see the GTA5 announcement being much beyond an official announcement of the game.

swiftshot933600d ago

I agree with you. Although the possibility does exist of Rockstar Games handing the development of GTA5 to another developer with some word in from Rockstar North, but I doubt that. Rockstar North is working on Agent and they will then wrk on the next GTA.

Either way, I just want something from them this year.

A Cupcake for Gabe3600d ago

They are finishing Red Dead Redemption. And are working on Max Payne 3, Bully 2, Manhunt 3, Agent, GTA DS/PSP Game(Probably not anymore), and L.A. Noire. Why they hell is another GTA need to be announced? Everyone of these games is more exciting than another GTA game. It's like everyone wanted another Elder Scrolls but BAM! Fallout 3 changed the RPG World and ruined 2 years of effort the Japanese put in trying to create better JRPGs. Let's give some love the the rest R* has to offer. Another GTA isn't needed for a while.

TOO PAWNED3600d ago

GTA5 is probably 2011 or 2012 and guess what i have a feeling it is going to be PS3 exclusive.


Will be the game to look was a much better game...far as fun factor then GTa....Im a saints row fan now

DavidMacDougall3600d ago

Yeah i see a trailer just saying GTA5 2010 or something like that. As fot Agent we atleast should get a teaser with some ingame shots.

TheDudeAbides3600d ago

Agent 2010 release date :)

Government Cheese3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Rockstar North is fully capable of working on multiple games at the same time. In fact, pretty much every game studio is. The fact of the matter is, a GTA game will always take priority over any other game they are developing.

and @cupcakeforgabe
Rockstar North isn't the only one making those games. There are about 6 or 7 different Rockstar studios located all over the world.

mjolliffe3600d ago

Still can't work out what's happening with GTA V - I want to know where it'll be. Hoping for London. You could cause a lot of destruction in a London City game :)

Mexico6193600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Red Dead Redemption is being made by rockstar San Diego not rockstar north

JasonPC360PS3Wii3600d ago

You can keep dreaming about GTA V being PS3 exclusive GTA IV sold way to many on the 360 for Rockstar to ignore... plus there is still 50 million not yet used up.

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TenSteps3600d ago

I wanna kill Dex and I want to see what over the top gangs they have in store next.

pimpmaster3600d ago

i remember them saying they were taking SR in a new direction. hopefully a new city and new graphics engine cause the one for SR2 and 1 is just so dated.

-Seven-3600d ago

Will be using a heavily modified GEO-MOD engine, the same that was use for Red Faction.

Saints Row 3 was 10x more funner that GTA 4 , the only thing I hope they fix is the pop in and out of buildings and cars, the graphics need an update as well.


pimpmaster3600d ago

wow i couldn agree more.

SR2 multiplayer was sh1t, i seriously cant believe they actually went backwards with that. sr1 MP was 50x better than SR2, protect the pimp, big ass chains, pimped out ride!! in SR2 all we get is some cheapass multiplayer with only 1 mode and a MEGA OVERPOWERD shotgun that insta kills everything.

Kamikaze1353600d ago

Rockstar North is working on "Agent" and I doubt they'd want to announce a big title before "Agent" comes out because it might take away from the hype. Sort of why SE isn't saying anything about Versus XIII till after XIII is out in stores in the US.

_TheSituation_3600d ago

yep its still a bit too soon for anything. dont think gta V will be talked about much but you never know, December we could get a hint for next year. We will see.

Mista T3600d ago

what'd be incredible is if it were GTA V: "Agent"

just a guess, don't take it seriously though


Was a very fun game..GTA story was better...but saints row story was no slacker in the stroy department and it was fun to play with varied gameplay

LarVanian3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The announcement of Syphon Filter Ps3, Agent footage, The Last Guardian release date and maybe re-announcements of Eight days and the Getaway 3 are all things I'd love to see at E3

Doc Sony3600d ago

Wouldn't you just love a Syphon Filter to come out on PS3 and just totally re-imagine the stealh genre. That'd be so sweet. I'll cry if it turns out generic.


Brought back Syphon Filter...and it was fun

Cheeseknight283600d ago

Deus Ex 3 footage should show up there too.

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