Birth by Sleep : The secret ending scene (Spoilers)

The secret ending scene WITH SOUND.

Like the opening scene of the game, it will not take long to see on the web the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (with sound), announced by Tetsuya Nomura as the true end of the game, allowing to bring together elements of history and connect the past of the series to the first episode.

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kratos1233602d ago

i will not watch this i must resist i need to play the game first.guys tell me is it awsome

MasFlowKiller3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

am not going to spoil anything for u but i will tell you i think this game is going to have a squeal that has to come out before KH3 and i think is going to be reconnect, dont ask where i got reconnect from, lol but they cannot bring KH3 without telling us wat happen to all these new characters

Xemnas3602d ago

Lol i agree i have the game but need patch X_X.

GameGambits3602d ago

I watched it. It's a great ending that really fills in some gaps and answers some big questions about Ansem and such.

Can't wait to play the english version. :)

kratos1233602d ago

must resist to watch the trailer
*shakes fist at everybody* damn you guys
i love me some kingdom hearts do you guys now the eu/us release date?

3601d ago
ssipmraw3601d ago

i saw the second one subtitled, and judging from the last part i can firmly say that there is gonna be a KH III!!!

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3602d ago
Hakimy3602d ago

I couldn't understand since they all talked in japanese.anyone can help by telling me what they said? :P

xbox3flopteen3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

@ must resist
Lol i agree i have the game but need patch X_X.

don't mean to be mean but dud u writting such thing make you an instant thief(an´way i dont give a peep), people like these who use to download all the psp game without even buying one (pirates)are the one who has the platform in such position(yea yea captain obvious)indeed screw you all pirates.!!.

this game has me so hyped, hoping the us release.

Umbrella Corp3602d ago

I really wish I knew Japanese.
What does Reconnect KH mean?

ScubaSteve13601d ago

it basically means, we are going to be reconnected of kingdom hearts with the original characters

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