Uncharted 2 Achieves Target Sales

Uncharted 2 has achieved its target sales in less than 2 months after release, a great accomplishment for a great game.

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ghamdikh33604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )


PS3-Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: 2,513,569

Nambassa3604d ago

It definately deserves these sales! I couldn't be more pleased for Naughty Dog right now.

Lifendz3604d ago

and for us. Means other devs may try to follow suit by making games with characters that speak and look like real people. Just played through Uncharted 2 again recently and it's better the second time around.

Bigpappy3604d ago

The things that matter are High review scores and Awards. /s.

IdleLeeSiuLung3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

"1.3 - Sale? Who cares about sales?
The things that matter are High review scores and Awards. /s. "


Anyhow, should I play Uncharted 1 before jumping onto Uncharted 2? I still have Uncharted 1 unopened....

DrWan3604d ago

if the sales is poor u may not get uncharted 3. Us gamers should care about sales, particularly sales of good games.

gaffyh3604d ago

I don't really care about sales, as in it doesn't affect what game is good or not to me. I only care about the devs selling a decent amount so they can make a sequel to a good game.

What is a decent amount? 1 million-2 million, depending on the game. inFAMOUS is one of the best games I've played this gen and has sold just over 1 million. Enough for me.

gamingisnotacrime3604d ago

Play Uncharted Drakes Fortune first. That game is a great experience, and when you move on to Uncharted Among Thieves you will appreciate it even more.
Enjoy the games, both are awesome

sikbeta3604d ago

Amazing for Naughty Dog, UC2 is a Perfect Game...

Dark General3604d ago

I'd DEFINITELY recommend you playing the original Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. I actually liked it more than Among Thieves myself. Drakes Fortune has the better character progression and story and Among Thieves have the better gameplay.

ikkokucrisis3604d ago

Notice to Devs:

If you bring it, we will buy it!

JokesOnYou3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

"selling just over 2.5 Million copies in just 2 months (yes we are aware that VGChartz is not entirely reliable, but what else do we have?)"

-It's certainly possible UC2 has sold more than 2.5 worldwide, and if so its definitely much deserved, but its just comical to see how universally accepted these sales #'s from vgchartz is universally accepted by the n4g elite sony folks who always hate on vgchartz sales figures whenever it is remotely seen as lackluster for sony, lmfao you sony loyalists have NO BACKBONE, you easily change your tone depending upon which way the wind blows. Just further proof, you don't decide what you believe based on merit, the only factor in your beliefs is brand loyalty to the ps logo.

It's so funny, after 46+ comments in the open zone, not seeing even 1 negative vgchartz comments prior to me making this post.

btw, real sites who don't just write for hits on n4g, never say: "(yes we are aware that VGChartz is not entirely reliable, but what else do we have?)"= is just a fanboy site operated by a n4g ps3 extremist member, CONFIRMED.


theEnemy3604d ago


Remember, they used VGCharts as their source.


Congrats Naughty Dog, well Deserved.

IdleLeeSiuLung3604d ago

I agree with Joke on this one. Usually VGChartz throw up a red flag, but it seems when there is positive news nobody cares. Then again, I have always said it and say it again, PS3center is a Sony Playstation extremist web site.

I never give them my clicks!

The Great Melon3603d ago


You should definitely play Uncharted 1 first. You will appreciate all the old characters that show up in Uncharted 2 rather than attributing everything to deus ex machina. Also, all the little jokes that refer back to Uncharted 1 will make sense.

RememberThe3573603d ago

I see what your saying but I've also stated in the past that we need to use VGChartz as more of an indicator of how a game is selling. No one should look at VGChartz numbers and think they are exact. All these numbers show is that Uncharted 2 has sold AROUND 2.5 million units, and that us great news for Naughty Dog.

commodore643603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Totally agree with JOY on this one.

Truly is funny how they are quoting vgchartz numbers.
I thought VGchartz was inaccurate according to all the ps3 fans on here, both past and present?

Oh wait... it's a positive spin on UC2 sales?
So I guess VGC is ok, now?

... until the next pro 360 VGC story, at least, huh?

ico923603d ago

it will probaly reach 3.5 million by the end of the year

MmaFanQc3603d ago

they told me "the ps3 is dooooooooooooooomd!!!!" and "the ps3 games doesnt sells" was a lie?

vigilante_man3603d ago

The most amazing game you will ever play! I have just finished my first play through - awesome, awesome, awesome.

Play this game. Even if you have a Wii or XBox, play it. Forget about bias towards consoles - This is just one Brilliant game and the graphics are Amazing!

Uncharted 1 is superb, but this goes even better. I hate to be predictable but this game is as good as it gets. Everything about it is AAA - gameplay, controls, acting, graphics, multiplayer.

Naughty Dog have produced two masterpieces and are to be saluted. Hope it sells 5-10 million..

Solidus187-SCMilk3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I got my coy at midnight because the multiplayer demo had me hooked. I wasnt planing on buying it for the great SP only but after playing the great multi I wanted it ASAP. Its a great online 3rd person shooter. I only wish it had a free-for all mode.

I hope we see some DLC multiplayer maps soon!!

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ghamdikh33604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )



Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City: 1,037,372>>>flop

Lips: Number One Hits 9 : 210,747>>>>> lol

Halo Wars:1,700,000 >>>>> but but but gaylo going to sell 10M DAY 1.

avengers19783604d ago

Of course it has sold well it is awesome. Clearly ahead of any other game out on the market. This has also lead to people getting the orginal. Go PS3 go Naughty Dog, and to the bots who say the PS3 does not sell games, or that it's inferior to the 360 BOOM! let's see your machine put out a game with as high quaility as Uncharted one let alone Unchated 2

LuHawk273604d ago

Vincent VII and his ugly ass momma>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>xxx Flop

RuPaul3604d ago

LOL...Halo Reach will sell this many in the first half hour when released.

RBdrift3603d ago

Well thats a no brainer because the 360 has no games.

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unrealgamer583604d ago

a million a month but it's still doooooooommmmmmeeedddddddddd cuz it falz to betz teh haloz LOL

A Cupcake for Gabe3604d ago

Yup, Uncharted 2 should be thrown in the flop bin along with gears of war, forza 3, and mass effect 2

jkhan3604d ago

Just got platinum trophy for U2 today. Glad its selling well, but it's still a shame, Uncharted 2 is probably one of the best videogame of this generation and only 2.5 million people have experienced it out of 25+ million install base.

Letros3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Still very strong sales, its possible people purchase the PS3 for the blu-ray and maybe a lil'bit of gaming. My sister and brother in law did this, and never even heard of Uncharted 2 until I brought it over one day.

thor3604d ago

It's easy to put things relative to the install base, whereas you have to realise that not all people are going to want to buy a game, even if they acknowledge that it's the best this year. They might only buy 1 game a year and it might be a sports game, for instance.

Let's not forget that even with Halo 3, more than TWO THIRDS of people with 360s do not even own the game. With MW2 on PS3, only about a fifth of the install base have the game! And yet those games are regarded as the biggest sellers.

The_Zeitgeist3604d ago

You just have to give it time. And as for it being sad....I don't see how. I play MP every day and there is plenty of people on it.

kurochi3604d ago

my friend, the x-bot, has been hounding me about lending him my copy of UC2. I told him to get his own copy as I want him to pay for a Sony game. I know it just kills, and I mean, KILLS HIM that the 360 doesn't have a game that performs like UC2. I am loving every minute of this. I sure as hell won't lend him Demons Soul either!!!

I'm done lending games to friends, unless it's Hannah Montana sing fest 2009.... LOL

cLiCK_sLiCK93604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

"Uncharted 2 is probably one of the best videogame of this generation and only 2.5 million people have experienced it out of 25+ million install base."

2 Million = Uncharted 1 lifetime sales.
2.5 Million = Uncharted 2 total sales two months after release.

Its a shame AT LEAST half a million people bought U2 before, if even, U1. In other words, alot are missing out on U1. Regardless of that, im happy U2 brought in many more fans.

CrippleH3603d ago

A lot of early adopters did buy it for the built in blu ray player that is true.

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chidori6663604d ago

acording bots is epic fail cuz halo odst sell 2.0 in 1 day.. :/

avengers19783604d ago

But ODST blows and everyone knows it even the bots, and halo fanboys. That is why everyone can't wait for Reach because there already sick of ODLC

RedDragan3603d ago

When there are no other games to buy, ofcourse it will sell 2M in one day.

We PS3 owners are lucky to have a huge choice of exclusives which see's see's Sony Computer Entertainment make the 2009 Top 10 Publisher list with 20M+ sales.... unlike Microsoft who didn't have a single first party company in that list.