Five developers that could probably develop Modern Warfare 3

GB writes: "Give the recent speculation that Activision will be going for a new MMO game rather than the sequel to the last year hit Modern Warfare 2, we at Gaming Bolt decide to write a short article on five developers that could probably develop Modern Warfare 3."

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A Cupcake for Gabe3602d ago

Funny that neither Treyarch or Guerrilla Games were on there. Are they saying that MW3 should be developed by 360 devs?

mjolliffe3602d ago

As you may of seen, I'm predicting Sledgehammer :)

Kattleox3602d ago

Treyarch is obvious, and I would say DICE too. And if Pandemic and Free Radical were around, I think they would both be capable (seeing as how CoD is really about multiplayer and those guys were fantastic at that)

BattleAxe3602d ago

That list is simply dumb. Valve and Bungie.......need I say anything else? lol Monolith can't even get FEAR to be a great game. Epic couldn't make a decent CoD game, and Gearbox already screwed up Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway.

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-Alpha3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Keep Infinity Ward.

They have a great game and they always did... it's just that with MW2 Activision wanted a different, more casual game. At least that's the idea I get. I never thought it was IW who made their game that way, but maybe they are to blame.

I always assumed that publishers like Activision were in control.

This wouldn't be a problem if Sony was in charge. I've read numerous times that Sony injects its devs with cash and creative freedom. If IW worked for Sony, or any other company willing to let the devs have creative freedom I think we would see a less casually appealed game.

Anyways, I'm not trying to falsely accuse Activision but CoD4 was such a huge success and MW2 seemed to ride on that fame.

Regardless, right now it's IW that's not fixing anything. I'm so mad at how they are supporting the community.

tehk1w13602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Activision and Infinity Ward pass up a chance to make a sequel that's made millions of dollars?


Also, you have a typo in your description and the first sentence of your paragraph. You should probably consider giving your editor a raise.

chrisius3602d ago

What a pointless article...

AcesHigh2913602d ago

All of those except GearBox are horrible choices for Modern Warfare 3, they just couldn't capture the fast and epic pace that the seris is known for.

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