Xbox 360 Indie Game Along Came a Spider: A Soothing, Enjoyable Platformer

Stephanie "Tigresa" Palermo of Spawn Kill gives Along Came a Spider, a soothing, enjoyable platformer on Xbox Live indie games channel a try.

"When I first heard about it, I watched a gameplay video of it, and it instantly reminded me of those simple, artistic, relaxing platform games you can play in between some of your more brutal gaming endeavors."

Gameplay video also included in the article.

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rrquinta3599d ago

Now to get a 360 connected so I can play some of these games :S...

K-Tuck3599d ago

Gameplay actually looks pretty smooth. I imagine if the levels (background and foreground) were a little beefier no one would be able to tell it was independently-developed.

ihaten4glol3599d ago

It kind of reminds me slightly of PixelJunk Eden. Might be interested in playing it sometime. Very cool!

3598d ago