2010: The Coming Year's Scariest Games

Nowgamer post their top 10 list of 2010's scariest titles.

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mrv3213594d ago

I disagree with

[email protected], Heavy Rain and partly Fallout: New Vagas.

They don't really scream scary especially since this list is lacking Metro 2033 which looks even scarier than Fallout: New Vagas since this is a lot grittier.

villevalorox3594d ago

anyone notice they had their pics all jacked up? But anyway @above... I think heavy Rain is going to be scary. Blood and guts does not make a game or a movie scary. Anticipation and excitement about what is going to happen next or what is around the corner makes a game scary.

mrv3213594d ago

I fully agree, but for me scary games are ones with few of the above, take for example the early food plant of FOM, that was scary because their was so few enemies.

Dying_clown3594d ago

only a few of these games would actually be scary like dead space 2 for and example.

Mr Tretton3594d ago

looking forward to Dead Space 2

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