Halo Reach: Toy Line-up and Other Wares Under Production?

Gameguru "We recently discovered that the company has already outsourced its Reach content to external developers to build upon its franchise."

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Nike3599d ago

Not too surprising, considering there are Halo toys available for previous titles. Also, remember the special Mountain Dew cans and food tie-ups for Halo 3? That Microsoft is pursuing such methods of advertising shows they know how to get word of the product out on the street before it's release. Let's just see if Halo Reach lives up to the hype though.

Niles3599d ago

I bet they'll make some really cool stuff...

Nike3599d ago

I just hope the game itself lives up to expectations after the ODST debacle. I mean, multiplayer was fun as always (a Gears' Horde mode meets L4D Arcade gameplay) but the single player was disappointing. Thankfully, this looks to be the first Halo game to properly capture the gritty feel of the Halo-verse. Well, for now, anyway.

281219863598d ago

for Reach...Totally praiseworthy....Wonder should have killzone 2 gotten a soft drink on its side...

Nike3598d ago

Or a dish. Helghast Hamburgers: "What we our planet doesn't kill we do. And eat. Fo' shizzle." :P

100003598d ago

Locust Burgers...with emulsion flowing out....

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Niles3598d ago

manufactured for Gow were pretty awesome, especially the exploding locust head...

100003598d ago

i recall correctly they had QuakeII used meat as advertisement of how violent their game was...

BigKev453598d ago

Only kids play with toys.

Gamer7l3598d ago idiot would give your statement any validity.

N4Garbage3598d ago

An entire wall in my room is designated for Collectors and Limited Edition toys and collectibles.

I have all of the Halo 3 and 2 toys tacked to the top almost covering the whole side hopefully there will be enough Halo Reach toys to finish it.

You don't need to "play" with them but there are plenty of collectors out there like myself.

DelbertGrady3598d ago

That's why I only play adult oriented games like Littlebigplanet and Ratchet & Clank.

3598d ago