Final Fantasy XIII Import Impressions: The Battles [RPGSite]

RPGSite takes a long, hard, 1000-word look at the Battles of Final Fantasy XIII, looking at where the fast-paced battle system pleases and where it disappoints.

Part of a series of in-depth looks at the elements of Final Fantasy XIII before the full review, this article concentrates on battles while also touching on the linear nature of the game.

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AP3602d ago

Despite submitting this, this is not my writing... but I just want to say I agree with it 110%. Spot on. Some flaws but overall real, real fun.

GrandDragon3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

So the person who wrote this finds it annoying when he has to press the L1 button to switch Optima! WOW

I suppose you prefer the old school command menu screen, where you have to franticly scroll through all those commands, press X and, then wait for your turn just to heal, and then repeat. LMAO

The Optima systems adds an element of drama to the gameplay, it makes you feel in control of your team. Since you don't control the character directly for every move, instead this system has been introduced. It's perfect