Bayonetta's Gaudy Style Smothers the Substance

Wired: "Playing Bayonetta made me feel genuinely embarrassed, and not for the pushy sexiness. It was everything else: the sounds, words and scenery draped all around the woman. The tired biblical allusions, the feigned trench coat cool and the towering, but ultimately hollow architectural wonder didn't just bore me to tears - they offended me."

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hazardman3600d ago

You must have the PS3 version....

Bazookajoe_833600d ago

It´s embarasing to play, i like Anime but this is just retarded. I traded it in for Darksiders instead.

mindedone3600d ago

even if I only played the demo. The game is gaudy; it's tacky, an offense to taste.

Son_Lee3600d ago

As someone who beat the game, the best thing about it is the gameplay. Story is too confusing to even care, it's over the top, I didn't like the film strip style cutscenes. Nothing felt like it had a purpose. It did keep me surprised and had some of the best boss battles I ever fought in, though.

3599d ago
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