StarCraft II Keyboard Announced

With the launch of StarCraft II growing closer it was only a matter of time before hardware companies started taking advantage of the hype from the game and branding there products to suite Blizzards extremely anticipated game. Today SteelSeries introduced the new limited edition ZBoard Keyboard with StarCraft II branding.

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3601d ago
Wayward3601d ago

Really dislike the look of this keyboard, which is a shame sometimes they make them look quite nice!

Wayward3601d ago

Hah. I somewhat expect the people who buy these keyboards may be 14! I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the actual board, I just don't see why you would want to brand it with a giant advert?

JsonHenry3601d ago

Umm.. WHEN is the release date? I had no idea it was so "close". As a matter of fact I am unaware of ANY actual date? Is it really close?!

Feral Gamer3601d ago

People actually buy this junk?

Wayward3601d ago

They must! The company makes lots of branded keyboards. I spose it's people who go to lan parties etc and want to show how 'l33t' they are?

mrv3213601d ago

It give them an excuse for loosing. For example

'Your keyboard is better and your mouse has a higher dpi'

Redempteur3601d ago

even the mouse carpet has an influence lool !

i pity those who can't play a game if they don't have the right mouse, the right keyboard, the right sound system because it affect their gameplay ...

Setekh3601d ago

I can't believe people buy this rubbish either.
I thought I'd seen the last of ZBoard when they released one for Battlefield when it was new, thought it was just a fad. Obviously people are buying this crap if they are still in business.

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DDclarke3601d ago

I don't think the keyboards themselves are that crap - just the design!

champ213601d ago

i love the logitech G15 keyboard.

DDclarke3601d ago

I've got to replace my keyboard, is the Logitech wireless? (I don't want wireless for obvious gaming reasons)

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