Saints Row Demo Available to Some

If you're looking for the Saints Row demo that people have talking about on the Xbox Live Marketplace, then you won't find it. At this stage it would seem the demo is only given away by preordering the game or buying the actual demo.

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achira5444d ago

poor ms fans. thats one of the reason i will never !!!! i say never buy a xbox360 !!! fyck ms.

Lucidmantra5444d ago

good we dont need idiots on XBox Live who can't figure out the difference between what a company who makes a game and what Microsoft as the console maker are doing. so wait for Sony Online to come up and then enjoy the lag and problems it will have.



he will wait

and waaaaaait

and laggggggggg


TheXgamerLive5444d ago

Your such an idiot that you deserve sony and the BS and the poor quality crap your one day going to be served. That is if you have the money to buy it. That's so funny to me, pay more money for a crappier product, lol, go for it pavlov's dog!!!


also, this is coming out free on the OXM demo DVD next month


sparco5444d ago

To some??!! So some people are already playing the Saints Row demo??!! OMG lol. This is my most wanted game for the 360. It looks so fu**in brilliant lol.