Game Revolution: Torchlight Review

Game Revolution writes: "You can try to deny it all you want, but deep inside you love looting. Don't try to hide it, it's inside us all. There's something warm and fuzzy about killing rows and rows of skeletons and then seeing what the hell they were carrying (and why the hell they were carrying it). Among all the gold and random junk, if you're lucky and find a new piece of armor just a tad stronger than what you're wearing, a smile grows in your face. Old pen-and-paper RPGs already had looting before people even thought of playing games on personal computers, but the "loot whoring" genre of dungeon-hacking games truly began in a conscious manner when Diablo was released in 1996. And since then, countless others tried to imitate the feel of fighting countless enemies and the discovery of new loot."

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