Top 10 PlayStation Games Of The Decade" 'We know you love those "top" lists and due to the advent of a new decade, we're starting to see them pop up just about everywhere. So we started thinking: what are the top 10 PlayStation games of the last ten years? ...and how freakin' hard will it be to make such a list?

Well, I can tell you that Arnold and I spent quite a long time making the final selections; we probably considered at least 50 titles overall (if not more) and knowing that a lot of awesome and even groundbreaking titles released since 2000, this was not an easy task.'

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BlackIceJoe3604d ago

I so love Vagrant Story and am happy to see it on the list. I want so bad a sequel with Ashley Riot. Also I want a remake of the game too. I enjoyed the game so much years ago. That I just wish SE would look into making more games with Ashley. He was a cool character and I want to know what happens next.

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