5 FPS Greats to Replace Modern Warfare 2 In Your Life

CC writes: You might be completely fed up of pirates in the game, and don't want to be a victim of another future glitch, or maybe your just a little bored of the current maps. If so, then we have five other first-person shooters greats from this generation of consoles you may want to try.

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Logiistics3596d ago

Very good list of other games, here all better than MW2 in there own ways.

mjolliffe3596d ago

I think I actually like World at War's multiplayer better than Modern Warfare 2's at the moment - Mostly because of glitchers.

Commander TK3596d ago

Bad Company and Resistance?

Microsoft Xbox 3603596d ago

Bad Company 2 should be on there. The beta alone is miles better than MW2.

Tiberium3596d ago

it's only games that are currently out. They are doing the future titles in another article.

vickers5003595d ago

"The beta alone is miles better than MW2."

Haha. Kids these days.

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Logiistics3596d ago

I also find MW2 really laggy and i didn't find WAW laggy. And it is constantly host migrating and it chooses a crappy host.

-Alpha3596d ago

you have to remember WaW was off to a bad start with glitches too.

Not as bad as MW2, but still.

I'm currently annoyed with how IW are handling the glitches, hacks, and overall community with MW2. People want change, people want a better game but IW is working on DLC.

bozebo3595d ago

they need a way for cheaters on the pc version to be reported.

movements3596d ago

true list, reminds u that there's life after MW2

movements3596d ago

In March Dice's BBC2....Looks promising..

-MD-3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

360 has overall more games than PS3.

Google it.

Edit: Killzone avatar, get some taste.

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The story is too old to be commented.