PS3 Data Transfer Utility: There's Something You Should Know…

"The recent PS3 Firmware Update 3.15 featured the ability to transfer files from one PS3 to another. I recently got the chance to test this feature out and it works great. Before you read on, if you have transferred data already then you know the complete procedure. If you haven't then I believe there is something important you should know before you go ahead with it."

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gaffyh3600d ago

Was Of course it would overwrite everything, you expected it to merge together or something?

Christopher3600d ago

I really hope Sony does something that allows us to copy save data from one PS3 to another. Perfect example for me would be to recognize PS3s on the same network and allow us to transfer save files between them.

iceman28853599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

They seriously do need to do something about that.

I'm still fuming over the 50+ hours of gameplay I logged at home over the holidays in Dragon Age sitting on my brother's PS3 that can't be transfered to my PS3 unless I drive 300 miles back home with my system and do that data transfer there.

They need to fix that, I should be able to transfer a saved game from one PS3 to another without having to have both ps3's in the same room.

RetroPietro3600d ago

If i was to transfer all my game saves over would I be able to carry on playing them on the new system and earn trophy's??? I know you cant earn trophy's if you take game saves from the internet etc...

nogolis3600d ago

Yes, you can. It'll just sync your trophy's upon booting up. But all your game saves are intact and your trophy's aswell.

WildArmed3599d ago

as said, all your save files (atleast the ones that are not locked) have been tagged with your PSN ID.
So as long as you use the save file under the same ID you can earn trophies. Just sync em after your done

nogolis3600d ago

I've backed up my 60/320gb ps3 with an external hdd I don't know how many times. All of my data was intact and worked flawlessly when reinstalling it on my new Ps3. As long as you set up a PSN account you're fine...

WildArmed3599d ago

aye, I was hoping sOny was send my 60gb back, but since they sent me another 60gb (instead my one) the backup restore didn't work so well. Lost alot of game save data, but w/e. You lose some you gain some.

AnonUser55553600d ago

This guy's an idiot. Sony didn't do this expecting you to buy a different PS3. Sony did this so you could upgrade your HDD without losing what you have.

Lumbo3600d ago

actually your logic is severly flawed. Cause you can NOT use the tool to update your HDD, cause you lack the 2nd PS3 needed for it to work. Contrary to your bold statement Sony made the transfer tool to allow you to migrate your content from one PS3 to a new PS3 keeping all stuff that was locked to the old PS3's HArdware ID.

To upgrade your HDD Sony put in the BACKUP tool, not the transfer tool. As the backup tool WILL rerstore all stuff including protected saves and SingStar songs as long as you restore to the same PS3.

PirateNinjaBunny3600d ago

That locked game saves will transfer, however they will be removed from the old hard system. Any un-copy-protected data will be accessible on both systems.

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The story is too old to be commented.