There's no need for a new Xbox, says Microsoft

"I think it's important to say that the Xbox 360 is the console of the long future for us. There is no need to launch a new console, because we're able to give this console new life either with software upgrades or hardware upgrades like Project Natal," said David Hufford, senior director of Xbox product management in a briefing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I don't even know if we're at the midpoint yet."

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THE MAX SPEED 213566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

They sound so Cheesy.

saying stuff like "They're not updating to Blu-ray", "3D gaming not coming anytime soon"," Natal is the Sequel to the X360" ,"Theres no need for new xbox".

it's like they aint even trying to take steps ahead for the future. Instead they'Re taking steps backwards. natal beign Weaker than the normal X360 , No blu-ray , No 3D. This really shows that the X360 was released prematurely.I'm Pretty sure After I get my hands on the Xbox360 games for 2010 .I'll be playing most of the good stuff on a PS3 in the future.

And to answer the following Questions.
"What do you think? Technology has moved on since 2005, when the Xbox 360 was announced. Will you be happy to have the same system in 2015?"

i'm pretty sure by 2015 there's going to be a new Xbox and PS3. But I know is that if there isnt a new Xbox by then everybody will have moved to PS3.

EDIT: And it's so much Understandable why so much people dislike MS.

Let's make a Resume here.

Xbox pro(elite now) 299$
Wifi 100 $
Natal 50-100$(Let's say u buy it Not bundled)
Xbox Live for a year 50$

so that's Already 550$ Without TAXES.

and you have to buy games and Renew your Subscription to XLIVE yearly etc etc.

SMH what the hell is this? I'll be getting a PS3 anytime soon and I'm positive that after 2010(Conviction,Wake,ME2,CD2,R each,F3) I wont be playing my xbox anymore especially not XLIVE.

3566d ago
THE MAX SPEED 213566d ago

Big Lawlz Seriously. wtf is wrong with them? Illuminati are some Weird as people smh.

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SkyGamer3566d ago

I don't know why all the hate. sony fans ridiculed MS for the short-lived Xbox and praised sony on the long term ps2. If the ps2 wasn't doing well I am sure that sony would have pulled the plug. It just makes sense. You cannot lose that much money and still remain in business or have to answer to the shareholders. The economy won't pick back up til 2015 so who knows.

Triella3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

They didn't pull the plug on the PS3 the first two years when it was loosing millions and selling miserabily.

They didn't pull the plug either on the PS1 untill 2004, even if the PS2 was already a major success in 2002 with more than 50 million unit sold.

The difference between MS and Sony is that Sony has way more foresight and a business model that helps them make money in the long run.

MS is always in for the quick cash, their moto his "every dollar spent has to bring in three", so they're always looking for ways to make a short-term profit on their hardware products (most of the time by cutting corners to minimize the costs) and if said product fails to bring them money in they just drop it.

Bigpappy3566d ago

On one hand you are saying that everything Xbox cost too much, then on the other you are asking for a bluray player and a new Xbox. If you want a PS3 by all means get one, but you are all over the places with your attempt to bad mouth M$. Not everyone hates M$ but the way, they have millions of customers all over the world who are satified with the quality of their products. N4G fanboys does not equal the world. They are only like 20 of them, they just talk a lot.

4Sh0w3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

"They sound so Cheesy."

Cheesy how? They are talking about continued support of the current 360 and adding new life with Natal. Isn't that exactly what alot of people ridiculed them for with the original xbox, seems they have a good thing with the 360, plenty of owners like me and tens of millions of others are enjoying the hell out of it, just like I enjoy my ps3, I'll glady buy the next-next gen console from both companies when the time is right. I've read many times 360 would be dead long ago(on n4g), yet here we are anticipating an awesome 2010 lineup, the same people had said 1000's of times in the past microsoft couldn't compete for lack of studio's, yet again 2010 looks magnificent, why wouldn't they continue continue the same success in the coming years.

Jamie, how in the world did you read that and come up with the idea they are putting ALL their faith into motion control, no its just a big part of their plans, its their next "new thing" why would they not talk about it in every interview, they are salesmen and PR guys, its like saying Honda's putting ALL their faith in hybrid cars just because every car show, every interview they talk about the future of their hybrid cars, they have neon signs pointing out how their the leaders in the hybrid market, how their innovating it, whats new, blah, blah,= PR no its not called all your eggs in one basket, but its a big part of their future plans, so NOT talking about it every opportunity you get is not only a missed-opportunity to sell the product but it has a added negative reprecussion of people thinking you're really not serious about the product, microsoft are great at PR, lesson #1, If you dont push or have faith in your product nobody else will.

I like how microsoft is DIFFERENT from sony, let sony be sony and let microsoft be microsoft, then you can pick which games and strategy you like best or in my case you can like them both and appreciate how the operate differently.

THE MAX SPEED 213566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


I'm not trying to bad mouth MS in anyway. I'm only pointing out the truth. I really like Xbox360 but they got so many things wrong it's almost unbelievable. If they dont put bluray on Xbox now they better have a freaking good alternative in the future console they'll release.


That's not the problem. It's Great they're are planning on supporting the console untill that late but they're doing it the wrong way. Dont forget that with Natal the games wont look as good as the best looking xbox Games. So that's already a Flaw and we're in 2010 and we'll be using Natal troughout 2011 etc etc. While PS3 will Getting Better Graphics Xbox Natal game are getting "uglier". thats good.

PS: I saw Crackdown 2 and it looks exactly like Cracktown 1 so Imagine in 2011 when they'll release the 3rd one I wont expect any bigger leap or improvment. I'm waiting on Fable 3 next month to see how much the graphics "improved".

Blaze9293566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

whats with all the negativity in this thread? Do people just want the xbox to disappear? Microsoft is saying the 360 has a lot of life left which is great becuase I don't feel like buying any new system any time soon.

What's so wrong in that? Maybe Microsoft is just taking a different approach on continuously releasing new products so soon and doing it like their other products like Windows XP. 10 years since XP launched and it's still one of the largest used OSs in the world today.

Why would they add blu-ray this late in the game for? Movies? It won't be for games thats for sure so whats the point?

Microsoft obviously has a lot planned for the 360 for them saying they dont think they even reached mid-point yet. That's good news. Wtf is the problem with everyone? Just want the xbox to go poof and disappear becuase this gen, Microsoft is actually doing things right and is a strong competitor against Sony this gen compared to last?

Look at Nintendo and the Wii - they are saying the exact same thing as Microsoft and the Wii is the weakest system of all three. They say there is no need for a Wii2 or Wii HD or any new Nintendo console any time soon. But no one is ridiculing/focusing on Nintendo huh...

Jamie Foxx3566d ago

true gamers have ridiculed nintendo from pillar to post, i for one am disappointed that nintendo is just not the nintendo of old

yes they have sold alot but also their image has been severly tarnished,not just by gamers but developers aswell look at capcoms recent outburst

MazzingerZ3566d ago

"The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I don't even know if we're at the midpoint yet"

Seriously? I look at the power brick and disc tray and I would say it's 8 years old.

moneybuyseverything3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Just like The good ol days, reminds me of 2007 and 2008. The short lived class shown by haters because of the PS3 drop was getting a little troubling :p

Somebody get these people a tissue please. Tissue on isle boom!

Anyway I do believe Natal will be like a new launch of the console. I was in gamestop today picking up some Microsoft points and a soccer looking mom with her kid and the GS employees were talking about Natal.
The lady brought it up while buying Wii peripheral(WII FIT PLUS) she brought it up implying that she would save money on different games with Natal. Everybody at the store was talking about it after that. We all talked about Natal for 15 minutes and bashed the Wii for not having anything going for it, even the people buying Wii products and the gamestop folks selling these products to them.

Cold 20003566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

MS releases new console 4 years after XBOX: "oh my god they are evil!! only 4 years later ??!! At least Sony supports their consoles longer blah blah blah", "Oh Sony is so good!! I love you Sony for supporting my console"

MS does not want to release a new xbox anytime soon: "oh my god f*ca MS!!!" "They are going to sink!!!" "What a bunch of assholes", "I cant believe they want to support the 360 longer"

How hypocrite can you get ?

I've realized that NO MATTER what MS say or do its ALWAYS THE SAME REACTION.

Just give it up guys! Were 4 years into this gen. It's time to accept that MS is here to stay and that NOTHING you guys predicted came true this gen. Time to swallow your pride and accept that the 360 is a serious contender and not going anywhere.

I mean since when is wanting to support a console for as long as possible a bad thing ?? Since today?!

Of course they are going to launch a new console when the next gen starts. What they mean is that the 360 is here for the long run.

I dont believe Sony fanb0ys have inferior intelligence but geez...

green3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I joined N4G in 2007 and all the sony fanboys were saying that they will never support the 360 because it will be replaced in 2009 and Microsoft will completely discontinue support for the 360 like they did the XBOX.

Now 2009 has come and gone with no 360 replacement insite and Microsoft has now said they will support the 360 for many more years to come but, Microsoft is still evil, ho dare they decide to support their console much longer?

Make up your damn bloody minds.

ChickeyCantor3566d ago

I think they are going the Nintendo route, in a sense of; Deny everything and then drop the bomb when its least expected.

They could NEVER be-friend the 360 all eternity.

Pumbli3566d ago

green - Yeah... Because in 2007 this site was just run by PS3 fanboys... Wait... No I meant 360 fanboys.

Actually I never heard a PS3 fanboy say they wouldn't get the 360 because it would be discontinued in 2009, perhaps a couple actually did but are you sure you didn't just make that "all PS3 fanboys on here" up?

I'm glad the 360 will last longer, more room for price drops and more chance for me buying the console and enjoying some Fable 2 and GeOW2. :P

aaronisbla3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

some throw the sony fanboy phrase at max speed 21 but if you look at some of his past comments you would notice that he isnt one. You guys tend to get so defensive at times.

@ Green, please, point out those ps3 owners who said this, i don't recall there being too many ps3 fanboys back in 2007 on this site.

dredgewalker3566d ago

Back in 2007 and early 2008 there was no such fanboys. PS3 owners were the ones getting grilled for owning a PS3. How the times have changed because both consoles now have equal communities bashing at each other. I even miss those Doom articles.

Daver3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

They feel very confident with their new peripheral. I hope its as good as they pretend to be for xbox owners.

avengers19783566d ago

The limitations for the 360 are already clear as day, and without an addition of a blu-ray player, or at least drive then the quality of there games will never get any better, and I know alot of people say oh well there goood enough, but with rescent sony games like Infamous, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 2 looking way better, and having in game content that cannot be accomplished on the 360, just think what the differences will be in the next year or two. When games on the PS3 are coming out that blow Uncharted 3 away and the 360 still isn't past gears of war they do need a new console.

darthv723566d ago

I can see them releasing a slim 360 before they release a "720". They have been working on know they have. Once they have the chipset shrunk down enough they will bring it out.

Dev8 ing3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Blaze are you kidding? Microsoft have tried to discontinue support for windows XP twice to force customers to buy vista and only after consumer backlash did they begrudgingly support it.

I can picture the slim 360 now... It will be as slightly thicker than the current mobo and fan with external powersupply, external wifi, external natal, external dvd drive, external hard drive and all the parts you will have to buy separately with the exception of the powersupply.

TheTwelve3566d ago

You are very right, Sidar. Microsoft has to say this. They will have a new console or continue to lose market-share. Sony's PS3 is starting to be what they've been meant to be.

But this leads to another problem for Microsoft---when to release the "720"? Do it too early and it will come out right into the PS3's stride.

Wait too long, however, and the same problem will occur, with only an already out-dated system as a weapon.

In the end, the 360 came out too early.


thesummerofgeorge3566d ago

Both are true, it costs too much, and it needs more current technology, at least then the cost would be more justified. I don't see why you think both can't be true.

moneybuyseverything3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I don't think Microsoft has to say anything they don't want to. The company really believes they can change gaming, just as sure as they thought they could change gaming with online half a decade ago and even more so with the launch of the 360. All the top developers also agree and this is why they are supporting Natal.

CWMR3566d ago

-How ridiculous. Microsoft state that they are planning to support the 360 for a long time and some of you are trying to turn that into a negative thing. What hypocrites some of you are.

How can it be a bad thing? The 360 is a very capable machine, the hardware problems are behind it, great games are being released on the console, and I'm loving what they console is bringing in general.

The PS2 felt like old technology by the time the Xbox was released, but Sony continued to support it and games continued to be made for it so the fact that it was weaker hardware didn't really hurt it.

Now, we have the 360 and PS3 which are basically as powerful as one another (as many developers and engineers have told us) and it is good to know that both companies plan to support the machines well into the future. Remember that just because these consoles will be supported for a long time doesn't mean that new consoles won't come out sometime before that. I'm guessing around 2012.

2010 is looking like an amazing year for the 360 and I can't wait to see what it brings in the following years as well.-

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Bot Smasha3566d ago

Lol ya whatever its like saying hey we dont need to f^ck up another console generation with gimped crap and RROD no thanks M$ just stick to failtal and we will play the ps3 exclusives.

Trebius3566d ago

Failed. Haha.

Why get Natal and degrade when you can get a PS3 and UPGrade.

3566d ago
Udidntlistenpunk3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


"sure, Blu Ray has officially crapped on HD DVD but we dont need a PS3 because 360 plays games"
"sure, we have been proven dumbass idiots for buying a HD DVD player"
"sure, we fell for Microsofts lies again about digital downloads taking over in 2008, which makes us extreme idiots"

"sure, we dont have lots of games anymore so we cant use that argument but we have netflix now and we can watch movies on our shiatboxxes which we claimed was not a movieplayer some time ago"

"sure, PS3 has better games than 360 but we dont need a PS3 because metal gear solid 4 is coming to the 360. You just wait and see"

"sure, most of our games are being announced on the PS3 left and right and we may be betatesting the games for you but those games are crap games anyway even though me and my bot friends already wasted 60 bucks on it"

"sure, Blu Ray is superior now but it is coming to 360 even though we spend 3 years dissing it."
"sure, Sony owns Blu Ray but Microsoft is god and will make it happen. It will come to 360"

"sure, PS3 has HDMI but we get it from the box and you have to buy it even though HDMI was not included with the box for the first 10 million xbox buyers and even though Microsoft removed HDMI from the bundle now again"

"sure, PS3 has Blu Ray, Harddrive, WIFI, Cell, but 360 is more powerfull than the PS3!"

"ok, PS3 has blu Ray and harddrive but 360 is JUST AS POWERFULL!!!"

"sure, PS3 may have Blu Ray and may have cell but in 2010 the next consoles will come out! You just wait and see that Microsoft will announce the next console in 2009"

"sure, we have RROD which is unacceptable but you have YLOD which is JUST AS BAD even though the failure rate is actually 1% while RROD is over 54 percent"



Sir Ken_Kutaragi3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


+ Game Console Add-ons never sell/work. It's going to be FUN watching Natal FAIL and bring down the xBox Brand!!! ;-P

avengers19783566d ago

I doubt Natal is going to add any life at all to the 360, really only those people that already have a 360 are excited about it, and it won't increase there sales. Software updates for the 360 are a joke, they have never done anything to improve the quaility of the 360.

snake_eater3566d ago

360 has a shorter life span than flies...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3566d ago

Poor droids... still in last place, still have no games in 2010.

TheXgamerLive3566d ago

were sony girls and what do we do every time there's an Xbox related article, what? We run to it so we can try to make up sh1t and say so we don't feel so bad about our wannabe ps3 console, RUN LADIES!!!

I hate to keep tea bagging you girls but you bring it on yourselves.

sony fans are the worst most pathetic in gaming history.

Bill Gates3566d ago

Why would Microsh!t want to replace the PERFECT highway robbery business plan for the STUPID BABOONS....AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Foliage3565d ago

"The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life"

hahahahahhaa That is the funniest freaking quote of all time. There are a million things wrong with that statement. hahahahaha

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Jamie Foxx3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

its not like its a new concept, as with the wii its novelty wears off very quickly, 360s main audience is hardcore gamers, natal now doesnt have an onboard cpu with lag reported at 100ms plus, this just reminds me of the GTA DLC all over again where ms were left with eggs on there face due to a costly mistake, its like microsoft are getting left behind... 3D is new,exciting and the future its not something weve properly experienced yet microsoft are hyping a motion camera? this really is in MY opinion going to be the biggest mistake and waste of resources yet for ms,resources they could of put in new IPs

yes natal will sell to early adopters but will soon gather dust, who in there right mind is going to want to workout everytime they play a game, and basic games at that?gaming is a activity that is meant to be a relaxing past time.

i truly think microsoft have made a huge mistake and hype can only get you so far,after that word of mouth and reality will destroy and for that i truly feel for 360 owners they deserve better

umair_s513566d ago

Microsoft PR bullshit...
All they can do is boast about themselves and take cheap jabs at Sony.

Jamie Foxx3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

is not a hard concept, come a year from now you will see horrible natal articles, its just a shame that the resources could have been put to better use which 360 owners should benefit from due to their loyalty through the shoddy hardware fiasco

microsoft are extremely good at hype and marketing but when a concept is a fail people catch on quickly just like gta DLC (in a sense that microsoft paid alot of money for it only for gta to sell roughly equal on both platforms) and psp go, natal is the virtual boy for the new era

Hutch23553566d ago

making money, and I do believe that is the number one goal of all corporations. People can cry and moan all they want, but its funny how they just keep buying microsoft products to the tune of over 8 billion in profit over the last 12 months as a company. Quit hating and play games.

Jamie Foxx3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

theres a big flaw in your concept, all corporations are out to make money but there is such a thing as 'quality'. what makes a consumer stick with a brand or buy their future products?...thats right QUALITY

how many parents who bought their child a 360 and got RROD more than once will purchase microsofts next console?

i think microsoft have done brilliantly this generation but you foolishly talk about money.... how much did ms they lose through RROD, or gta DLC? natal is another huge expensive mistake so yes making money is a priority but mistakes can cost you just ask sony..their attitude stunk early on in this generation and cost them sales

iceman063566d ago

Hutch...MS might have made 8 billion in profits...but NONE of that came from the games division. It has been struggling since the inception of the original Xbox. Between R&D on a new system, purchasing of the studios that they DID go after, and the "issues" that have had to be addressed with the 360...MS as a game division is still in the red. is estimated that the RROD issue could end up costing MS as much as 3 billion dollars by the end of this year.

I am not saying this to BASH Sony have had issues remaining profitable, although the worldwide recession didn't do them any favors with the dollar vs. yen. I am saying this to simply state that I don't believe that MS even CARES about profits. I think that because they have such deep pockets, they believe that they can weather the economic storm and eventually start to make money in this area. It is MORE about gaining a share of the gaming dollar and trying to grow this at all costs.

sikbeta3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

I'll go with Jamie Foxx common sense route and only say this:

Why natal is like the most "wow thing" ever this days but not THE GAMES?

Like 2 or 3 years ago, MS Fan-Crew was talking [email protected] about wii and motion-control, I know that cuz I was doing the same with my PS3 next to my TV but NOW they're saying motion-control is cool only cuz of natal

Before natal MS Fan-Crew was HARDCORE, games like Gears of Wars and obviously Halo3 define their Hardcore Gaming Choice, remember those "PS3 have no Games and we have Gears and more" days, now natal is coming and it seems like they forgot about how [email protected] motion-control was in their minds, someone can think that they're hypocrites, but lets say this is not the case

In the Real World, x360 owners still being "HARDCORES" and that GO AGAINST natal and everything motion-related, so what I want to point out is that their OWN WORDS GO AGAINST natal and they will not fall in the whole motion trend and natal

If someone want to say:

"but what about the PS3 Crew, aren't they hypocrites too for accept "the wand"?

First of All, I'm against motion-control but I can't do anything, second the PS3 Crew never claim to be "hardcore" and as everyone can see, PS3 owners have different choices and that's reflected in the sales, so is difficult to call out the PS3 Crew when you know they choose VARIETY over everything else

Peace Out

Hutch23553566d ago

So quick to call it a virtual boy, but yet nobody knows what it will be like. Will it be laggy, maybe, but you don't know that. Will it be shovelware, maybe, or maybe it will have great games. All I know is that you said Microsoft is good at hyping things, but fail to mention that they dominate their industry. If all they can do is hype and do pr, then why do people buy there products? I get so sick of people crying about how Ms is this, or can't do that, or ruin this, but for the most part type it all up on a version of windows. There are other options, so why don't the masses in this forum just never buy one of their products. I am sure the same 50 idiots on this site who whack anything Microsoft could never buy a ms product again, and the machine would keep on printin money.

All I know is that almost all the top game companies are developing games for Natal, so to say it is virtual boy is ignorant, almost as ignorant as the real Jamie Foxxxxx.

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Infernostew3566d ago

There's no need for a new Xbox just buy a PS3, says Microsoft