Gran Turismo 5: Nurburgring, Gallardo, McLaren Videos from CES!

A few videos showing the Nurburgring track, Gallardo, and the McLaren at CES!

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umair_s515071d ago

PD surprise me with Porsche

Bodyboarder_VGamer5071d ago

RUF are tuned Porsches and they are in the game.

umair_s515071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

EDIT: Do RUF have the Porsche logo?

thereapersson5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Also, it doesn't matter, because RUF cars outperform the base models they are built upon.


Microsoft Xbox 3605071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

The Porsche exclusive license ends in March. There is a high chance that it might make it on disc and not in DLC form.

aaron58295071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

Brake discs DO glow ... and it's clearly seen even in daytime.... IN RACE CARS and F1 cars ... idiots...

If an everyday road car... ok... even high performance road cars.. the brakes would fail before reaching the high temperature needed to make a brake disc glow..

Some people... just like to find whatever reason to argue just to justify their prefered console/game.

Edit : oops.. i meant to reply to the so called "know everything about car" guy ...

sikbeta5071d ago

Porsche DLC will be Amazing, but is not like I going to die knowing therer are +1000 cars on the Game

bigboss9115071d ago

you wanna know why Porsche is not in the game???? cuz that would be cheating, they go to fast ;)......dont believe me?
look at those laptimes Porsche 956 has the record at Nurburgring, and has had it for nearly 27 years. and note that 5 porsches are ahead of the veyron in lap times hahahaha.

lightningsax5070d ago

Porsche fever? Really? I'm going to go with Top Gear's latest episode on this one - "It's only a Beetle." It's awesome that there are this many cars in the first place; I don't mind if Porsche doesn't make it.

In the meantime, I'm just enjoying how awesome the Nurburgring is looking. The backgrounds look much better than what we were seeing in the Time Trial Challenge thing. The trees seem to look like trees this time, not like Lego trees.

randomwiz5070d ago

Every news article about GT5 is surprising me everyday.

I wonder how RUF interiors are going to look like

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Ps_alm3k5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

it's already confirmed!!

edit: Okay , maybe not...But!! The chances are high, because all the major manufacturer are in it.
It would be stupid if they don't want free publicity/commercial for it.

sinncross5071d ago

What you mean already confirmed?

For some time now we were under the belief that Porsche would not be in the game but rather just RUF.

Hanif-8765071d ago

Gran Turismo 5 has over a 1000+ cars but all i wanna drive is the Bugatti Veyron :)

Strikepackage Bravo5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

its not as great as I thought it would be, mind numbingly fast, but it handles like a very heavy car, sounds great but not orgasmic, you get the same driving experience from some of the race cars in the game except they are much more nimble.

I should say this however, when doing laps, what it (Veyron) lacks in precision handling, it makes up for with raw power and speed, so you still get pretty good times around all the tracks.

Foliage5071d ago

I think Deadly meant that he wanted to drive the Veyron with realistic physics. Racing with the Veyron in the arcade racing inspired Forza isn't an accurate representation. Not even close.

RedDragan5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

The Veyron handling is anything but heavy. Turn 10 have got that severely wrong. It's a Top 5 car on the Top Gear race track, you don't get into the top 5 times no matter how fast you are if the car feels heavy because the Top Gear test track is all about cornering.

Clarkson, Hammond and May all say the handling on the machine is perfect.

Nerfetis, the GT90 is not that good. The GT40 beat it because the handling on the GT90 is the pretty bad.

HoofHearted5070d ago

They thought it was going to take the top spot and it didn't.

The reason was because it IS heavy and it is NOT the best handling around the corners. The main reason it made up for its less than stellar handling is by it's TREMENDOUS pick up of speed in the follow through. It took the follow through like no car ever had and shaved a good 1 and a half seconds off it's finishing time.

The acceleration in the Veyron is THAT good.

nefertis5070d ago

@RedDragan its u who cant drive it works like a dream to me and the gt40 is ugly gt90 is sexy

Oztheboss5070d ago

tell me, have you driven that car?

didn't think so. gtfo

KnightOfAlbion5070d ago

I would like to try to handle this "little" beast!


Yes! A Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster indeed!

Narutone665070d ago

know if the SSC Aero Ultimate will be included in GT5?

nefertis5069d ago

@Oztheboss and to the other haters damn get off my nut sacks.

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Immortal3215071d ago

Mclaren Im finally going to be able to drive the simulation of the f1

Strikepackage Bravo5071d ago (Edited 5071d ago )

signed an exclusivity deal with Forza 3, no Porsche in GT5, only Ruf; and in this video GT5 looks no better than F3 graphically, I told you people they would look the same, why don't people listen around here.

The cars appear to be going 50mph all the time, and the engine sounds are not true to life like in Forza. Where is the red glow from the heated brakes?

I was hyped for this game but the more I see it the more Im convinced its just another example of how the Japanese are stuck in the past with game development.

@ Lazarus, OK you just said the oposite of everything I said except yours is all opinion since GT5 is not out yet, and Im assuming you have not played F3. As for Porsche, I know they were not in past GTs, but I also know they signed a deal with Turn10 this time around, my proof? Porsche's are in F3 and not in GT5, and also because I heard it in an interview with T10 on a podcast.

thereapersson5071d ago

That glow is realistic... if you think having a neon disc behind a wheel that turns on at the slightest hint of brake pressure is realistic, that is.

Lazarus695071d ago


Porsche cars have never been in any GT they RUF instead which are tuned versions.Also the engines sound are pretty true to life and FORZA engine sounds are not better.AS for visuals GT5 does look better than FORZA3,but that doesn't mean FORZA3 is bad looking.