Child's Play Breaks Record, Raises 1.7 Million

Despite all odds, this year's Child's Play charity has once again broken the previous year's record, standing at $1,780,870 in cash and donations. The first of a special two-part PA TV has gone up to mark the occasion, which addresses the motivations behind the charity's creation. It also tells and shows some of where that money goes, by way of an interview with a hospital employee.

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FarEastOrient3593d ago

I remember when the goal was just to raise awareness and $50 000, now look at where we stand!I can not wait to see other teams of gaming podcast, websites, and fans create more opportunities to raise money for these causes.

RememberThe3573593d ago

There's a lot of money out there, and a lot of people willing so give some of it.

Setekh3592d ago

Great job to everyone involved.

Julie3592d ago

Gratz , this makes me feel happy awesome news :3

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