MAG Graphics Impress Visually

Sony has released a new batch of MAG screens. With the release just a few weeks away, Sony seems to be hyping the upcoming title. These new screens are impressive.

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TheTruth20093603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

This is all you need to judge on how "awesome" the graphics are for MAG.

They are TERRIBLE. Only possible on the Playstation 3.

And this game is destined for the bargain bin.

The sooner that you PS3 Fans accept it, the sooner we can all move on to the next flop that PS3 will be releasing this year. Unfortunately, that flop will be a title I'm rooting for... Heavy Rain.

I tried to tell you that your year is mediocre.

2010 will be the death of you.

And just wait until Fall 2010. Ugh.

M.A.G. (Will flop in reviews and sales.) CHECK!
Heavy Rain (Next victim...)
Modnation Racers
White Knight Chronicles
God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
Yakuza 3

Not looking too good... :-)

Microsoft Xbox 3603603d ago

Nice try bot. MAG's tech $hits on every 360 online game.

happy_gilmore3603d ago

the crapbox is dead. pack it up, bots. the sales gap is now down to 3 million. and the ps3 will surpass the crapbox sales when gt5 is released in 3 months.

PS3ALLDAY1223603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

u cant judge the gfx by that video duuuuuuuuuuh. i just played 2 hours straight and amazed. i fell sorry for you haveing nothing to play so u troll. stupid xbot 2010 = death of xflop hahahahahahaha

Rockox3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Truth, I hope you're wrong about Heavy Rain. I really do. That game looks utterly fantastic and it would be a damn shame if PS3 owners didn't buy that game.

As for MAG, an online-only game? Meh, who really cares...

PimpHandHappy3603d ago

Truth is
those last 4 on your list are on my must buys
but hey
not like i care about you

Major_Tom3603d ago

I don't understand if this is troll.

LordMarius3603d ago

.....mhmm who gave you a bubble

xbox3flopteen3603d ago

This is just a troll that remain here and what not, i like the way he make ps fan(count me in)spin over his stupidities all the time, he just has win some award here, ok getting off of the greeting boat.

this bot here is quite blind-stupid, first he has mentioned a few games coming next, but to add in top of, he has forgotten lot of them coming too!!!!wont start another shtty list, but this game is set to at least get a 8 of a score and it is good to me, he just doesnt bear the fact that the game is doing some new stuff into these ultimately and always repetitive shooter-kind of games and that really does hit his tard-ness, yes delusional but that is thethruth, keep it on dood, wouldnt like this site is bot werent by.

Chubear3603d ago

you guys have been holding gaming back this gen. We've been robbed of great experiences cause of the 360fanbase who embrace mediocrity.

What's the best online only game the 360 has? yes, Shadow Run. One average game but the PS3 has over 3 online only full games and they boast high quality with MAG pushing anything we've ever seen on consoles but no, the 360fanbase will say "WE DON'T NEED SHOOTERS WITH MORE THAT 8V8" "WE DON'T NEED BLU-RAY CAUSE DVD9 IS GOOD ENOUGH"

MS tells developers to "downgrade your games on the 360" and you all go "YES YES! MS know what they're doing giving us high quality" you're all fools.

You don't want MAG to succeed cause it's a PS3 new exclusive and show up any shooter that's exclusive on the 360.

btw, how many exclusive FPSs does the 360 have? Only halo. The PS3 has 3 in Killzone, Resistance and MAG but you want to dogg on them in hopes they'll be killed off so not to show up the 360 with just 1 FPS exclusive. You're all just so dumb but hey, if you like 360 gaming then fine but stop holding back gaming for the rest of us.

TheTruth20093603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

It's obvious to me and everyone else in the Gaming Community that the game is a flop. Not only will it fail in sales figures, but it'll fail in reviews also.

I am just waiting for a "prominent" PS3 Supporter to give a little honesty, staying on topic, criticizing the game thoroughly. Without being hindered by the handcuffs of being a PS3 Fanboy.

It's an opportunity for a PS3 Fan to see the light and actually give an honest critique of a crappy PS3-exclusive.

(Holds hands of the PS3 Fans and starts humming "Kumbaya"......)

"Tell the truth.
Let the XBOX360 spirit overcome you.
Be unbound by the shackles of Blind PS3 Fanboyism.
It'll burn you like RROD,
But in the end, the truth shall set you free."

M.A.G. Sucks.
And you know it.

Now SAY it. :-)

Trebius3603d ago

So whenever you see TheTruth2009 dog on a game, chances are he's just 100% hating on it cause he cant play it.

So BUY it.

Dev8 ing3603d ago

What you guys don't like games with dedicated servers? How about a game where people that use lag switchers are banned? Games with more than 24 players? No, you prefer to have peer to peer where a host can quit and you lose your progression, or have to wait for a new host to be chosen. That is lame. Any you pay money for this kind of service. Wake up. Demand more.

lh_swe3603d ago

Have you played it?

Your complaints rely on a simple principle that anything from Sony sucks but the fact that you haven't actually played any of the greats negates every argument you try to make because you are actively denying to even try them out.

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Mc Fadge3603d ago

They're very different in scale, detail, and even play style

LukaX233603d ago

Dude, for 256 players online with NO lag - THEY'RE AMAZING. Add in all the stuff going on around you; exploding aircrafts, grenades going off, bullets flying overhead, airstrikes coming down, etc. It's just incredible!

Consoldtobots3603d ago

any game that shows places the 360 will never be able to go will be heavily attacked. nothing to see here.

Tanny922253603d ago

Anyone know if the newest build runs better than the private beta build did? Frame rate wasn't very solid in the private beta build, especially when you get to a high point on the map and are able to look out and see pretty much everything thats going on, I found it usually dropped down to 20-25 fps.

And then when you would sometimes get a close-range fire fight going on for an objective where you had 30+ players crammed together all throwing grenades and firing their weapons. In these firefights, the lowest I experienced it go was probably 18-25fps. Which is next to unplayable and I was forced to leave the are to get rid of the lag.

I think one of the main problems with the game is that theres way too many audio streams going on at once. Hence why the sound quality isn't that great and all of the weapon sounds appear to be highly compressed to accommodate for the sheer amount of audio being generated by the players in a 256 player game.

But like I said, I haven't played the public beta build so they may have fixed some of the frame rate issues. And I do agree with the article, the game is quite visually impressive, especially considering the fact that it can handle 256 players in one game, and support such a massive draw distance. My only complaint about the graphics is that it seems to run in sub-HD. Not as low as games like MW2 or Halo 3, but it does seem to run at a lower resolution to help keep a solid frame rate. Other than that, textures are surprisingly good, and the particle effects, while they seem to be fairly low-res, look quite nice too.

OrganicMachine3603d ago

the framerates have improved and the animations have improved but still not mo-cap smooth

the textures are ugly when you zoom in on them but looking at them overall they look nice..

the public beta is laggy since their servers have been flooded by many players (I think part of the reason why the release an open beta as demo is to stress out the servers)

umair_s513603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Visually? How else are graphics suppose to impress, aurally?

Chubear3603d ago

All I know is, no one ever talks about the online graphics for games like halo3, ODST, L4D1&2 etc and these games don't look as good as MAG online and they aren't even doing 1/10th what MAG is doing.'

If the graphics for ODST online and L4D2 are great for people then how the hell would anyone have a problem with MAG's graphics when it looks better and has way more things happening on screen by far.

Resistance2 has similar graphics online and I didn't see complaints. So why with MAG? ... oh I see, it's a never been seen before never been done before new exclusive IP for the PS3 so - KILL IT! b4 it gets popular and sequels.

to those with this mentality I say - FU! FU all to hell!

Chubear3603d ago Show
akiraburn3603d ago

I've mentioned this before, but I was in since beta phase 1 (though I didn't get a chance to play a lot until phase 2). I've played a decent amount on the most recent build as well. My highest level character is 22, and I generally take one of the MVP slots for whatever platoon I'm in. I would say that the this build has evened out a lot of issues, and I am really excited to see what the final release will play like.

As for your issue specifically Tanny, I would say it is much more stable now, as I often have been playing full Domination matches, and have experienced hardly any frame rate issues. Though I'm not sure what problems you are having with the audio, or what may have caused it. It may have been resolved since the last time you tried it though. Also, remember that since this was just the beta, a lot of things had to be compressed to fit into that smaller amount of download space. Having the 25GB BD-Rom disc gives them the room to not have to compress sounds or visuals (or at least not as much).

I'm a sound designer myself, and I think they did a stupendous job with everything. As Zipper mentioned before, there are no sound effects in the environment that aren't user-generated (minus a very quiet ambiance of an open outdoor area with no noise). In other games, many times they will put an ambiance of shooting, explosions, planes, tanks, and all the like in the background to fill space. But with MAG, every sound you hear is coming from a player's actions. That's actually really cool in my opinion, and I think the samples they created and used were really good and well crafted. At least, that's my opinion. Things may have also sounded different for you depending on your audio setup. Personally, I'm running my PS3's optical output through to a Onkyo 5.1 surround setup, and I think it sounds great.

And Chubear, I gotta agree, there is a lot of unnecessary anger towards this game's visuals, when they're actually pretty much on par with other online games, or better. I'm really tired of the "it's like PS2 graphics" comments, because it's just mindless complaining with no basis or truth to it. Even if there was some basis for the claim, who cares? How the game plays, sounds, and feels is what really matters. That's why I still thoroughly enjoy replaying games like Deus Ex; because the story, gameplay, audio, and many other aspects about the game are top-notch.

-Alpha3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

No one says Halo's graphics are "great". In fact, they are acceptable. So is MAG's CONSIDERING the 256 players. However, MAG is slightly less of the standard we've come to expect from Sony.

Also, MAG has "great" gameplay? A FPS doesn't differentiate from all the other FPS's and MAG is no different. What MAG has going for it is execution in the number of players and how Zipper planned out the game. As for the core gameplay of shooting, etc. it's standard.

KZ2 was dogged on because of gameplay, not graphics. So don't try to call shenanigans on people who criticized K2 because it wasn't about graphics.

K2 was great, but like a lot of other shooters it had the typical lame action story with annoying characters and it lacked co-op. Those were the main faults with K2, but everything else like the atmosphere and multiplayer were generally praised.

Also, why are you comparing this to Halo 3, which is 3 years old? Halo has aged.

The concern with MAG goes much farther than just graphics, but graphics are known to be nothing special.

It's not that they are terribly bad, it's just that they don't do much for the game. However, considering the game as a whole, it's not that big of an issue.

I personally find the animations (reloading, the way the guns feel and look when fired, etc) to be all too average and underwhelming.

MAG is clearly not the best looking game, and considering the new standards its understandable that people are underwhelmed. The scale and # of players doesn't excuse or change the fact that MAG has average graphics, but it is taken into consideration when considering MAG as a whole.

DelbertGrady3603d ago

FPS of the year for sure. BC 2 will have nothing on it.

3603d ago
OmarJA-N4G3603d ago

Why you always keep embarrassing yourself?

jjohan353603d ago

MAG actually isn't chaotic at all. Plus like one of the comments below me stated, there's less lag in MAG than in MW2. The entire game is very team oriented, based primarily on completing objectives.

I disliked the first 2 hours because I had no idea what was going on. After 2 hours and understanding the gameplay (plus having squadmates who communicate), the game was really fun for the next 18-20 hours. It's very revolutionary for the FPS.

But after 25 or so hours of gameplay, the game starts to fall apart very quickly. You see in most other FPS games that rely on deathmatch or capturing zones, it's you pitting yourself against another player. The maps don't get old too quickly because the challenge is primarily your skill against another player's skill.

The problem with MAG is that it's not necessarily up to individual skill. It's teamwork skill. But that's not the problem either. The real problem is that the game depends heavily on the order of objectives laid out for each game mode and each map. Therefore the maps get old VERY QUICKLY (after 20 hours of playing) because you're using the same strategy over and over, whether you're attacking or defending. There isn't much room to vary your strategy because the maps are set up to work with only a few different strategies. The maps get old, the strategies get old, and it just feels like attacking the same thing over and over again. Imagine playing the single campaign of any FPS over and over, but condensed in less time. In fact I'd say imagine playing the same few levels in a single campaign of any FPS game over and over forever. You'll catch my drift.

I don't think Zipper foresaw this problem. In the process of revolutionizing the FPS genre, they created new problems that seriously need to be addressed before this type of game reaches critical success. And please don't tell me that I haven't found a good team to play with. All 8 of us play together regularly, all with mics, all communicating very clearly on enemy position as well as FRAGOs. I've also played all three factions, all three game modes, and on all maps both defending and attacking.

ikkokucrisis3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Gfx better than MW2? Uhh, no...

Heavy Rain's gfx on the otherhand...get TWO THUMBS UP!

ape0073603d ago

didn't like it, maybe I'll like it with time

maybe I'll pass it up and I just can't wait for battlefield:bad company 2

bc2 looks stunning

and [email protected] how addicting mw2 online mode is, I've never been this hooked on a game since gta 3 or perfect dark

mw2 is a true masterpiece

bruddahmanmatt3603d ago

Eh. As a PS3 gamer even I can admit that MAG's strong suit isn't its visuals. That being said, I'm willing to accept a hit in the visual department in exchange for a massive battlefield and an unprecedented number of players for a console shooter. If I want ridonkulous visuals I always have KZ2 and UC2.

Proxy3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

40 or 60 USD?

darkmurder3602d ago

How many delusional fanboys are in here? The graphics don't impress visually, sure considering what they are doing with the 256 online they need to make setbacks but it is far from impressive visually. God you Sony fanboys can't just accept ONE exclusive not being better looking than a 360 or PC game sheesh.

Another One3602d ago

I think Alpha Male's comment summed it up best of all. I have to agree with absolutely everything he said.

I had a pretty good time with the beta, but didn't come off impressed greatly. It's an OK shooter that does one thing better than average and that's the number of players.

HomoMeal3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

No other console can handle the sheer magnitude of this explosive massive action thriller. If you disagree prove it. I triple dare ya :)

I like to see the other so called competition just try it.

And yes im a very proud playstation lover. They have the best rumbling controller too.

RememberThe3573602d ago

"mw2 is a true masterpiece"


+ Show (19) more repliesLast reply 3602d ago
NoOoB1013603d ago

MAG isn't graphically impressive but neither was MW2 and everyone praised that game. MAG is on par with MW2 even with 256 players at once. You wouldn't know though since you watch little low rez videos and call it a flop, why don't you actually play some games rather then watching them, and then coming here and typing all of that BS?

Belasco3603d ago

No sir, MAG is nowhere near MW2, you are a LIAR. Fact.

evilmonkey5013602d ago

have you seen mw2? have you seen the chairs and building interiors?
Mw2 is a great game, but in no way is a coup de force for graphics whores...with that said , neither is mag. I would have to say they are around the same visual fidelity, with mag having a higher resolution and 238 more people playing simultaneously. Im gonna go out on a limb here and say your crazy.

arakouftaian3603d ago

I mean in this last beta
the game know look like a ps3 game
in the other clisé mag betas
the game did not look this good
im glad mag look this good know

i may buy it when it hit
$30 $40
i mean the game is fun
but i still like killzone 2 moré

many of my friends aré buying it
so that may make me buy it on day one
who knows

I want heavy rain!!!

LukaX233603d ago

Why do you writé liké that?

Elvfam5113603d ago

Mag is going to be 40 at launch because its only multiplayer unless they bundle it with the headset like Socom Confrontation

and he might be talking like that because english may not be his first language

deshon093603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

but wen has any of zipper game had mind blowing Graphics they look good i want good game play

red2tango3602d ago

Completely agree. Socom 2 was my favourite game because the gameplay was awesome. Can't wait for Zipper's next-gen SOCOM :)