Details, limitations of Xbox 360 Mediaroom 2.0 IPTV support

Joystiq: "Three years after being unveiled at CES, Microsoft's Mediaroom software is finally coming to Xbox 360 (in the form of Mediaroom 2.0) "later this year" thanks to AT&T's U-verse service. But, that's all the details we had. Until today, when we spoke with Xbox's Aaron Greenberg as well as a Mediacenter spokesperson on the show floor who, between the two of them, managed to answer most of our questions.

First, we asked Greenberg to explain the three-year delay between the technology's 2007 debut and this announcement. "Well, the technology that we showed [in 2007] was brand new and showing that it worked," Greenberg said. "What we then did was we went out to the IPTV content providers and said, 'Hey, now this is an option for you.'" And that option was, of course, to use the Xbox 360 to deliver IPTV content. Greenberg said, "So the technology works ... the Xbox 360 can serve as a set-top box, be a DVR, and run Mediaroom." But not so fast, we got a tour of the service and found a few disappointing shortcomings to that nominally appealing feature-set."

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GiantEnemyCrab3602d ago

Yikes, this sounds way to convoluted and a big pain in the arse. I hope MS get this together before offering it to 360 owners. It doesn't make much sense to even use this when you can just get a set top DVR from your service provider and call it good.

ActionBastard3602d ago

"Mediaroom 2.0 does not record on or touch the HDD of the Xbox," we were told by Jeff Phillips, the Microsoft spokesperson who guided us through some of the service's features on the Xbox. That means the service's DVR features actually write to and read from another IPTV DVR running Mediaroom provided by your service provider (AT&T in this case) or a Windows 7 PC running Mediaroom. What if you skip the DVR functionality, and just want to use the Xbox 360 as a set-top box? "We're not there yet," Phillips admitted. The Xbox 360 serves as what they call a "whole home node," meaning it's simply an additional "node" for an existing IPTV setup. Think of how the Xbox 360 works as a Media Center extender."

I'll just stick to my DirecTv HD DVR. Especially now that they announced 3D support:

Bot Smasha3602d ago

Sounds very like a M$ f^ck up looks like those fools cant make anything right.

Microsoft Xbox 3603602d ago

Xbox 360 and limitations. What's new?

Wrathman3602d ago

another great reason why the xbox wont last another 5years.and this guy said natal will extend the xbox advice mr greenburg..focus on the new xbox and focus hard.forget tv wont last 5years why would the xbox?my loyaly to the xbox 360 wont last another 5years.especially when you focus only on nata

moneybuyseverything3602d ago

Should I read this BEBO article? Nah.

3602d ago
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