Bungie Weekly Update: 01/08/10

Bungie writes:

"I thought about kicking the first update of the New Year off by regurgitating the historically unfunny "joke" about how it's a brand new decade and all the things they've promised us (whoever they are) have still failed to come to fruition. Flying cars and all that. But after my turbobed slid back into its compartment and my personal nanohive worked their invisible suds and sundries all ova mah hot bahwdy, I yanked my unisex tunic defiantly over my head and decided that I would spare you from my unoriginal and prognostication-disparaging thoughts.

See? Something to be thankful for already in 2010.

So yeah, anyway, 2009 is toast and we're back on the job, fresh off a two week holiday break and already attacking the ongoing task of making Reach kick even more ass than it already does."

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