Netflix CEO: Chances Of Nintendo Wii Support Are "Excellent"

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says the chances of launching their streaming services on the Nintendo Wii are "excellent" and "should work out over time" when asked about it during an on stage interview with Peter Kafka of All Things D during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.

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IanCube4515d ago

Does anyone think you'd be able to stream HD over the Wii or would the hardware be too weak to do so?

NegativeCreepWA4514d ago

While I have an HD TV I'm more concerned with the lack of surround sound on both the 360 and PS3. I don't understand why they cant stream Dolby Digital or DTS. Does anyone know why not?

ChickeyCantor4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )


Well it outputs Dolby but not 7.1( its actually Pro-logic II);
I think it can easily play HD movies but the output is restricted to 480P.

The question should be, Will most people know the difference?
Seriously some people still watch DVD's on their blurayplayer.

deshon094515d ago

no hd but sd will be fine

IanCube4515d ago

SD is only fine if you don't have a beautiful HD tv waiting to be used! :)

qface644515d ago

i don't think the wii owners who would use this service on their wiis would care much if it streamed in HD or not

IanCube4515d ago

There still could be a lot of folks out there who only have a Wii but still have an HD TV and would want to watch HD movies if available.

IanCube4515d ago

Why do you think its taken Netflix so long to bring it to the Wii in the first place?

indiemike4515d ago

With wannabe services like PlayOn that "streams" video to the Wii pretty poorly, I know I wouldn't want to put the Netflix brand on a really sub-par product if I were in charge of it.

That's why I think this bit of news has more to do with Nintendo's next home and portable consoles. Nintendo's too big for Netflix to not attack em.

indiemike4515d ago

Video streaming just isn't central enough to the gaming experience for me to think Netflix is even important to consoles.

IanCube4515d ago

Netflix might not be important to consoles, but consoles sure are important to Netflix. Their CEO said out of the 100+ devices you can watch Netflix on, consoles are by far the most used devices.

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The story is too old to be commented.