DEG: Consumers Spent $1.5 Billion on Blu-ray in 2009 reports : According to figures released today by the Digital Entertainment Group, spending on Blu-ray sales and rentals was up 67% to 1.5 billion. Homes with Blu-ray Disc players rose to 17 million, up 76% over 2008. In the fourth quarter alone, Blu-ray enjoyed title sales in excess of $500 million, representing 13.4 percent of all sell-through sales versus 8% percent for each of the prior three quarters.

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iron_sheik3595d ago

with 50$ and <100$ BD drives this year and LOTR trilogy expect the number to hit 4B this year. it could be even 5B-6B as <100$ BD drives from major brands really accelerate growth

SasanovaS19873595d ago

dont forget the best bluray player on the market, the ps3. expect another 10+ million ps3s to be sold in 2010, which means that many more potential bluray customers. expect 100 million bluray players in 5 more years JUST from PS3s...

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