Wives of Rockstar San Diego employees have collected themselves

To whomever it may concern,

In response to the unfortunate circumstances, some wives of Rockstar San Diego employees have collected themselves to assert their concerns and announce a necessary rejoinder, in the form of an immediate action to ameliorate conditions of employees.

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Elven63604d ago

I know this stuff is common during the final stretch of the game, but well over a year before the game is supposed to be out? Even before the delay, that is still a very long time! I'm sure the condition the employees are in isn't doing the game much good during the recent delay.

jjohan353604d ago

What? No photos of the wives in the article? It would have gotten more attention lol.

FantasyStar3604d ago

Well, San Diego is right on the border of Mexico. So where does R* get their workforce? How much are they willing to be paid? *insert sleepy mexican here*.

Joking aside, it's like this with alot of jobs. Overworked and underpaid. But specifically, the wives mentioning the promoted studio manager swearing alot of very unprofessional. But it must be okay there. Either way, if R* SD has a union, then strike!

iceman063604d ago

but striking might not be the best thing for any employee in this economy. You are playing with a deck HIGHLY stacked against you, unless you are lead programmer or designer. I have 2 friends that were both sacked from EA (one was at Tiburon testing the Madden games and the other was testing an unreleased music title). The conditions were quite the same. 10-12 hours "on the clock" and lord knows how much more that couldn't be logged due to overages in overtime allotments. Plus, the union usually uses a certain "standard" that is accepted by the industry that it if OTHER companies are doing is hard to make any powerful union moves. That is probably why the wives of R* and EA employees have started to put the industry on notice that things need to change.

divideby03604d ago

welcome to the new working conditions for American employees. with high unemployment, those who are not layed off, have to shoulder the increasing workload of those that left. Raises are paltry and we are reminded that we are the lucky ones who have jobs. I do not work in an union shop and this is why unions started way back...Its just the sad state of the working environment. Look at the surveys for American workers...moral is at an all time low, loyalty has dropped off dramatically.

Picnic3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I am looking forward to Red Dead Redemption.

BrianC62343604d ago

Are these wives complaining about working conditions of their husbands? Wake up people. The economy stinks right now. I wonder if they'd prefer to see their husbands sitting at home unemployed? Right now isn't a good time to be crying about working conditions. A lot of people in the gaming industry have lost their jobs.

free2game3653603d ago

It's more about them being sidestepped as far as overtime goes, they make a base salary and end up working 80 hour weeks for over a year and basically see nothing because of it

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