Ten Most Influential RPGs of Our Time

10. Fable

Peter Molyneux Fable (Xbox) was one of those games successfully combining good design with a neatly packed gameplay. Although it never really lived up to its hype, the game was a major financial success. Above all, it made an even greater impact when it arrived on the PC market, with more than an adequate adaptation, entitled Fable: The Lost Chapters. Fable didn't exactly revolutionize the modern-day RPG, but it sure as hell offered a fine example of fantasy flavored story-telling. It reminds us that even the simplest formula can provide decent entertainment.

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Diselage4739d ago

Really don't think Fable offered that much to be in the top 10 but WoW and Diablo are spot on even though i never got into either very much.

sumfood4u4739d ago

They forgot EverQuest, Sukioden, Lunar,an Breath of Fire Series!

pLaystation4739d ago

agreed. some of those games are ok but top 10 wtf? whatever

Merovee4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

this list is F'd up by any RPG fans real opinion.

It looks more like they went by numbers sold vs. actual influence in the genre.

For Influence It would have been:

FF: #1
Ultima #2
Diablo #4
and then on

But for those who would contradict Fable.... dream on, the whole "how you act dictates the gameplay" was in fact genius, but poorly preformed.... hence INFLUENTIAL, and that was a good impact to have, like MS or not.

The only game as far as influence went that is debatable is Fallout.

Ultima would be shoe in for #1 but with FF3 Ultima was screwed, that series took so many forms it was insane.... and still is. Never conform, thats the real fantasy.

And like it or not EQ was the first (and at the time only) really popular MMORPG without it WoW would not even exist..... at one point someone stated that MMORPG's like EQ were a pipe dream! (well looks like Sony, Blizzard, NCSoft, and Others are laughing all the way to the bank, I've only seen 2 MMO's that suck compared [IMHO]to 1000's of offlines' that have squat to offer for fun)

SF49er4084739d ago

DIABLO at the top 4 sure. that game was sooooo sick. it gets u from the start with the butcher. AHHH FRESH MEAT lol.never seen anything that gorey before with all the bodies hanging in his room, friggin terrifying. then in hell, fighting lazurus, and the music was just sick. i wish i could download the tristam song, so sick when they added that in diablo 2. and dont get me started with how sick diablo 2 and its expansion were. it was like crack, nearly had to go to rehab

ud4739d ago

Final Fantasy should be at LEAST top 3

ngg123454739d ago

Why is final fantasy not number 1. They practically created what is known as rpg gaming. Games like Kotor, and World of Warcraft should not be there. Why isn't everquest on that list too? Isn't it the first great mmorpg? And fable, don't even have to bother. Besides that, the lsit looks fine.

LeonSKennedy4Life4739d ago

Fable??? Great game, but redefining??? DEFINITELY NOT!

Final Fantasy IS what created RPG's.

Everquest a no-show? If you were to ask any RPG-loving maniac, it would be in their top five.

Diablo's great, WOW's great, and Ultima's great...keep them there...but for THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS...PUT FINAL FANTASY AT NUMBER ONE!!! That's like not putting Zombies Ate My Neighbors at the top of a Top Ten Underrated games list...

Is Itsuno were to attempt an RPG, it would rock the world!!!

DMC meets online...FRICK YEAH!!!

Diselage4739d ago

Not seeing EQ was diffidently an over-sight or something. EQ would push Fable out of just about every list.

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The story is too old to be commented.