Heavy Rain Video Preview - Qore #20

8 minutes video featured in Qore episode 20.

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NateNater3602d ago

Why should Sony even put content like this in Qore if its just going to be put on the internet for subscription-free viewing?

Anyway...awesome video. This game is a definite day one buy for me.

Lifendz3602d ago

It's becomming harder and harder to avoid spoilers on this game. And a game like this, where the story is everything, make it really hard to read anything about it within weeks of its release.

TOO PAWNED3602d ago

Wow if this doesn't sell you on this game, then something is wrong with you...

ArchangelMike3601d ago

Did the video contain any spoilers? I'm trying to remain as spoiler free as possible for Heavy Rain. Although I think I might know too much already!!!