IGN: Bayonetta: Second Opinions

When Bayonetta was first unveiled two years ago, IGN's own Ryan Clements just about died. After all, an over-the-top action game starring a beautiful dark witch with handguns strapped to her heels sounded like Clements' dream game. And with Hideki Kamiya (the creator of Devil May Cry) at the head of the project, expectations were quite high indeed.

With the game finally in stores and Clements' glowing review spreading the Bayonetta love across the globe, the other IGN editors joined together to present their own thoughts on this insane action spectacle.

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_TheSituation_3603d ago

If your not a die hard beat em up fan go ahead and skip this as i can tell it will only be good for those types of gamers.

GameOn3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I'm no die hard beat 'm' up fan but I totally loved the Bayonetta demo and will definitely be picking it up at some point.

Rocket Sauce3603d ago

I love these kinds of games, but Bayonetta is just too WTF for me.

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

Shut up, stop crying, and take it like a man, Rocket Sauce!!!

Bayonetta is a freakin' BAMF!

kingdavid3603d ago


The demo is very easy.

The game is very hard. Maybe not as hard as NG but close to it.

Lifendz3603d ago

Especially when they add in some anime themes and over the top action. Unfortunately, I'm a staunch opponent of paying full price for an inferior port. Hope they patch it because I have to miss out on it until they do.

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Toman853603d ago

I like it, but this kind of games are my style'
God Of War fan, Devil May Cry fan, Ninja Gaiden fan so yes I like this kind of games, heavy action!!!

kewlkat0073603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

.....The bar was def set.

Edit: Yes!! The Bar was Reset.

I forget, this is the same guy that worked on the Original DMC. I welcome Bayonetta franchise to my second Fav genre.


Xakep3603d ago

Bar was set? They broke the old bar, made a new one, and set that b*tch so high that only they would even be able to reach it again.

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

I'm about 2 hours into it...

...and WOW!

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

Bayonetta just had sex with Kratos, Dante, and Ryu...before they even knew what was going on.


Enigma_20993603d ago

I am so sick of hearing about how great this game was... yeah it was great... so was the PS3 port...

... oh wait, no it wasn't. At least, not until it had to be FIXED.

wanderofys3603d ago

I had fun playing it on PS3 :/

Enigma_20993603d ago

... but that's not my point.

wanderofys3603d ago

What is your point? You're so sick of hearing about how great this game is because the version on your console is a little gimped but still fun? It's not like the PS3 doesn't have loads of better exclusive games, why is bothering you so much?

Enigma_20993597d ago

And if you couldn't be bothered with making sure that didn't happened, why charge the same price for a "gimped" version?

But if you're perfectly happy with paying the exact same price for an inferior port, then hey... more power to ya.

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The story is too old to be commented.