Rumor: David Jaffe opening new studio?

GameDailey BIZ reports that After proclaiming that he was done blogging for now, outspoken SCEA game developer David Jaffe made a brief reappearance on his blog today. Jaffe posted two digital camera shots of what looks like new studio space. His headline simply reads, "Coming Soon."

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Vojkan4735d ago

Visit Listen to their podcast, episode 2. Jaffe is mystery guest and he talk about independent studio and his how it might look.

THAMMER14735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

All though I doubt it he dose make some awesome games. I just beat god of war last week and it was sick from start to finish.

Bill Gates4735d ago

Bro you should now beat GOW2. It's even more sick.

IBLEEDBLU4735d ago

do so many ppl give this guy a hard time for??? he has made the greatest series on any console god of all cars is a blast...why do ppl hate? is it because his the man at making great games?

i think opening his own studio will only hurt him...because hell be responsible for managing a company and wrking on games - thats alot on some1 plate..if he does open a new studio for himself - i how he stays exculsive to sony

kamakazi4735d ago

well as they stated in another article on this site.....he may open up his own studio and still have a relationship with SONY, like TED PRICE of INSOMNIAC. i think he wants even more creative control of what he can do.

soccerstar4735d ago

he has already said in a interview that he would continue to only make games for sony if he had his own studio

DrWan4735d ago

you know; he always always say, "Sony has treated me very well", even if he goes independent he will be more in line with Ted price of Insomnia.

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The story is too old to be commented.