IGN: CES 2010: Final Fight: Double Impact Hands-On

Retroheads are the target audience for Capcom's upcoming Final Fight: Double Impact for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, a double-header download that includes ports of two arcade classics: Final Fight and Magic Sword. At CES today, Capcom offered first hands-on with both games, not only to test the fidelity of the ports, but also to check out the series of zooms and filters that affect the general look for both games.

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nogolis3601d ago

Why isn't Double Dragon on the PSN yet? Why the hell hasn't Sony done anything to get some of these classic Arcade games up and running on their system in Home? It'd have made the Arcade in Home worth going into if it had gotten some support from some of the better known companies who own the property rights to these old coin op games. Sony needs a new perspective. A younger one. Something. I love Double Dragon for the xbox 360, the live version. Man that thing is smooth and sharp looking.

3601d ago
ssbains3601d ago

Hopefully Bonus Stages are intact
Haggar, Guy and the other dude hopefully all make it
This will be good to relive this beat 'em up

Next we need Sega to release Shadow Dancer with trophies