Wii wiins the holidays: But will 360/PS3 win this year?


"I love my Xbox 360 and even enjoy my father's PS3, but during the holidays the Nintendo Wii dominates gameplay everywhere I go.

Every individual family in my humongous extended family has now purchased one and all ages are vigorously playing non-stop it seems (causing a lot of muscle strain). My local games store manager has said the Wii is still by far the best seller this holiday season, and recent statistics seem to back that up (see below).

Yet in our house the Wii only gets dusted off during the holidays or other big family or friend events. I was sure the console would finally be dying by year's end with the sheer lack of unique games and the gimmicky nature of the console exposed."

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BadCircuit3602d ago

I can't believe the Wii is selling so much but it is stupid that the other consoles have given up on split-screen and gone to online only.

gaminoz3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Totally agree: publishers should not be abandoning split-screen multi!

Gamers are always going to want 'real' gaming experiences, but there is a HUGE market that the Wii taps into and holds with the ease of adoption for non-gamers and the quick and fun nature of casual games.

Sure it gets boring after awhile and only has a few appealing gaming styles, but like the article points out: it already wins when it is bought by so many and used so often socially when people are around.

Online just isn't the same fun as at home multi sessions imo. Obviously MS and Sony are seeing that with the Natal, PS motion controller coming, and all the social facebooky stuff now coming.

Gunandthewink3602d ago

Its undeniable that marketing plays a huge factor in the wii. many people buy it as a family thing then keep it high on a shelf for the majority of a year. At the same time its undeniable that due to the sheer amount of sales it gets its an undeniable winner.

BadCircuit3601d ago

If Microsoft marketed some of its own existing family games it may have attracted more of the casual gamers that now own a Wii.

I agree with you on what you said about people putting the Wii on a shelf after it has been used too much. People never really think about how much they will use it, they only really think about what is good for them at that time.

XboxOZ3603601d ago

Which is true of most things really, especially when it is something that used more as a group activity, other than the fitness section.

Which is absolutely HUGE, and the numbers attracted to the Wii for that alone is just mind boggling.

Natal especially will open that upp for many developers, and allow them to create unique game (as such) for the sport and fitness minded ppl out there that would never ever even contemplate aquiring a gaming console.

XboxOZ3603601d ago

With MS and PS now focusing their attentions primarily on the Family Unit as such, we'll see a decided slip from the attention they have given games per-se in the past.

Gamers as such are a limited market, yet the social media aspects, ie, the family unit is so huge and broad, they would be foolish to stay focused just one gaming as they have done in the past.

Welcome Natal and other such features. The main punch of Natal is the family, and has more to do with daily interactions, movies, music, fashion and then games for the family than anything else.

You will not see a single ad appear with regards to Natal that will involve a FPS, War based game or similar "Mature" audience action game.

They will be focused only on what games bring the family together.

I'm afraid that as with all mediums, they change over the years. For those who have only grown up seeing games right in front of them all the time, this will seem strange. But for those of us who have been around from before games became the huge medium they are now, we understand the need for change, it's called evolution.

wiizy3601d ago

To all wii haters. I'm more surprised xbox and ps3 are selling with a bunch of games that are clones of each others a bunch of me too shooters. Obviously there are more smart people out there 3 to 1 buying the wii.

Gr813601d ago

Guys its 3 yrs in and Wii has won all three years by large margins. This year won't be any different. Accept it and move on.

BadCircuit3601d ago

That may be true but Microsoft and Sony are trying to become more family orientated. Natal for the Xbox looks great and I wouldn't be surprised if the Xbox 360 becomes more popular. Nothing is set in stone, if the Wii doesn't change the 360 and PS3 will pass it on sales.

Gr813601d ago

Won't happen. People don't buy those systems for "family friendly games" and just having motion tech is pointless if the software isn't there. Neither Natal or Wand have a Wii Sports like game that will drive the hardware...But in all fairness..we'll see.

gaminoz3601d ago

Totally agree that software will determine how they do at the end of the year/ beginning of next.

Fun and sophisticated gaming don't always go together for the majority. Wii might have sucky graphics but some of the experiences it provides to anyone (not just gamers who love technique and subtle gameplay) is undeniably fun (at least for awhile and especially if you have others around to play with).

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