Metro 2033 Arrives On The 360 2010 – We Were Right In 08


"Well we hate to say it, but we will anyway – told you so.

To all those naysayers who debunked OXCGN back in Dec 08 for dare saying that Metro 2033 would appear on the 360 (console platform) . . with many commenting on many forums that it would 'never become a console game' – well we're here to tell you that it is in fact on the console, and that it has been underway under the expert hands of the Russian developer, A4-Games from as early as 2006, while the PC version was started in 2005. Also known as Metro 2033: The Last Refuge."

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gaminoz3599d ago

I personally don't mind other languages being in the game if:

1) the subtitles are large enough to read (often they aren't, even on a large HD tv) and
2) they don't speak so fast that I don't have time to read them, and
3) there isn't any action going on when I have to read

In Assassin's Creed 2 it was great that there was so much Italian to make it feel more authentic but at first I forgot to put on the subtitles so I could understand and then had trouble keeping up with some of the Italian translation.

Mind you, you don't want them speaking too slowly so that it seems artificial either....I guess it depends on how much dialogue is used: imagine all of Uncharted 2 in Nepalese or something....

XboxOZ3603599d ago

I've noticed many movies going down that route of late, which is great. Using the original language, having subtitles, and then english where needed. Makes for the entire movie/game experience being more authentic.

Some do it for a little while, then it slips into full english, no subtitles, which sort of breaks the mode.

I noticed that in Metro 2033, many of the art changed to reflect english after a few moments. Which was fine.

But the amount of rubbish coming from some gamers re this stuff is just wrong. Not everyone on the world speaks english, and one or two major countries (that shall remain nameless) needs to understand that, and that there's a world outside their own state or country.

The game looks great, and you can see the huge improvement since 2006 - 2008.

Saaking3599d ago

I've never even heard about this game except for one random article a while back.

moneybuyseverything3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Jesus.... How in the hell did these developers do that?

gaffyh3598d ago

@Hisiru - Woah that looks awesome, I remember seeing a very old trailer, and this definitely looks better than that. Obviously this is the PC version, because it looks too good, but there seem to be some frame skipping issues when the person is playing.

Other than that, the game looks like Fallout but with better graphics, which means it has potential to be a great game imo.

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XboxOZ3603599d ago

2010 is shaping up to be a steller year, and with games like this, it's certainly looking like it. It's great to also see a developer honouring their own heritage and using their own voice overs for characters, rather than going the "English/American" route.

Plus it's nice being right every now and then re a game . . .

BadCircuit3599d ago

It is good to see that a different language is used the majority of the game rather than just used by a few NPC's.

mrv3213599d ago

WOAH, WHAT A NON-GENERIC GAME. After reading about this game it doesn't seem as generic as

armoured guy x, fight alien y for survival on planet z.

Master Chef, Covenant, Earth(?)
GOGS, Stone worm, not earth(?)
Hale, Chrimera, Earth
The list goes on.

I am very VERY excited for this game.

P.S i LOVED Halo, Gears and Resistance, just they where a tad generic but a lot awsome.

gaminoz3599d ago

I'm soooo sick of space marines and modern warfighters.

mrv3213599d ago

I want a remake of the ur-quan masters that will restore my faith no only in gaming but in humanity.

I am not sick of MW games or space marines I just see not point in them.

Minimox163598d ago

Chimera was a virus.. O.O, o.O?

Gunandthewink3599d ago

This games looks fantastic... Lets just hope its done well

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