Forrester Research analyst calls 3D reports "mostly hype"

Industrygamers: "3D has been getting boatloads of attention, especially during this week at CES where major electronics firms are unveiling their new 3D TVs, but while Sony and others would like you to believe that we'll all be playing video games and watching movies in glorious 3D this year, Forrester Research would tell you otherwise."

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DelbertGrady3603d ago

"Earlier today, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg said 3D in the living room is "a long ways away," and now James McQuivey, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, has penned an interesting piece for that goes into detail about why it actually will take a long time. He calls the reporting on 3D "mostly hype" and points to the reality that not even a million U.S. homes are likely to watch 3D content in 2010."

"If it took 10 years for HD to go from one home to reach more than half the U.S. population, it will take 3D just as long. Which is an easy bet to make. The real trick is figuring out how long we languish in the low-single-digit millions," McQuivey writes.

lol! Got tons of disagrees for stating this earlier today (that it takes time for new tech to establish itself on the market).

alphakennybody3603d ago

your country isn't the only developped country on earth, take Japan and germany for example they're years ahead of it in terms of tech advencement. No offence to all americans but your country isn't going to reach the same pace as other when most of your ressources are concentrated into military than the good of it own people.

example: robots, the Japs are looking into humanoids ones already while yours is still in the crawling stages( and mostly are for military purposes)

DelbertGrady3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

What percentage of the worlds population own Blu-Ray players? Are you serious?

@Eddy Raja - I live in Sweden but whatever. Japan is a much much smaller country than the US with a much smaller population which skews the statistics even more. Funny also how you start by saying USA =/= the world, and then act as if Japan == the world.

anh_duong3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

This is the same company that predicted that blu-ray success will come at a devastating or "pyrrhic" cost to the victor. Pyrrhic is a word forrester uses to describe blu-rays victory. Look up what pyrrhic means.

Ie. Forrester said that even if blu-ray wins over hd dvd if will still fail.

Seems like forrester took a very dim view of the life expectancy of blu-ray.

There are a lot of 3d haters out there. they seem to show uncanny resemblance to blu-ray haters.

Now before you hate 3d. Let me just tell you this, later this year every major tv electronics company on earth will be supporting 3d. Furthermore 3d broadcasting will be one global standard. And finally 3d tvs will be backwardly compatible with normal tv whilst at the same time only marginally more expensive.

If you are looking to buy a tv next year and you hate sony products , you can still buy other makes of 3d tv. Don't let you fanboyism get in the way of progress.

Most of you haters of blu-ray now actually own blu-rays. Deja vu?

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GameOn3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I don't think the world is ready for 3D until the glasses are not needed. I seriously can't understand why they are still using those goofy specs.
Otherwise, bring it on.

hazardman3602d ago

Seems like not to many analyst are liking 3D..I read another similar story on "Why 3D TV will flop" was the title..

i_am_interested3602d ago

it is mostly hype, at least the amount of coverage that its receiving

luckily for us consumers, its not being forced on us, and even if we do decide to buy it, we're still not forced to use it

bring on whatever super secret 3d + motion control + voice recognition game youre working on sony cause ill be ready for it

3602d ago