IGN: Why PC?

Over the last decade or so, the PC has seen some of its core strengths absorbed or challenged by the compromises of cross-platform development and the realities of a tougher economic climate. The democratic development environment usually associated with the PC has spurred much of the creativity in the industry, from the creation and preservation of entire genres to the development of hardware and software formats that make developing and sharing content easier across all platforms.

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3597d ago
nogolis3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Pc is so lame for gaming... When's the last time you told you friends to come over and game on your PC? Honestly, when is the last time you went up to one of your friends and asked them to crowd around your desktop PC and sit 2 inches away from the monitor, leaning forward in an uncomfortable ass office max chair... All to watch you blast some generic ass in some pointless online deathmatch? It's stupid and it's absurd. REAL GAMING IS DONE ON CONSOLES. Simple as that. I have a great PC that is capable of running Crysis chalk full to the brim and I hate PC gaming. It's uncomfortable and it's unconventional. Take your mouse and keyboards and stick them inside your wang dangs.

I'd also like to make note that there has never been 1 game done on the Pc ever in the history of Pc gaming that has ever invoked a feeling of awe or inspiration like a console game has. For instance, Ico, Shadow of the colossus, god of War, God of War 2, Killzone 2, Uncharted, Uncharted 2... What do they all have in common aside from being Sony property? They're all console games. The PC will not usher in the movie to game gap. A console will. And it'll probably be a Sony made one. Deal with it.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

you won Truth of the Year award


Taarec10ToTheEnd3597d ago

I actually agree with you. Console gaming is the way to go.

Charmers3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

"When's the last time you told you friends to come over and game on your PC?"

Well being an adult when I see my friends I want to do better things with them, than sit on a sofa playing games. You know go out drinking and partying maybe go to a good restaurant or a live show. Yep I would much rather do that than explain why my cheap plastic console RROD'd on me or my "it only does everything including breaking PS3" gets YLOD.

It is true what they say "real men game on PC's but boys are content with their toy console".

nogolis3597d ago

"Well being an adult when I see my friends I want to do better things with them, than sit on a sofa playing games. You know go out drinking and partying."

Well being a responsible adult and an adult are two different things I suppose... Dude, I'm in a band that gets paid nightly 4 days a week at 3 different Casino's here in Kansas city. I've done my partying and I'm a new parent now. There are better things to be doing than partying and getting F*CKED up with your little imature buddies... You even lobbying for partying and getting wasted shows how imature you are, actually.

evrfighter3597d ago

those games you just listed never even made me blink

after playing Crysis

It will be quite a few years before I sit here and ask myself "jesus christ is this a game????"

no doubt it'll be a pc game that does it

ps3 games are horrible to play and look at when you're used to 75fps gaming with no jaggies.


nogolis3597d ago

You do know there is more to a game than smooth, pretty graphics right? There is more to a game than running around small maps shooting other people in a capture the flag match right? Believe it or not, and this will come to a shock to you since you're so PC pro... but there are things called stories in console games. It's true. Scripts. Real ones that are being acted out virtually. Some of these, like Shadow of the collossus say very little in dialect but a wealth in visual emotion. It's true. A console game did that. Crazy it didn't even run at 30 FPS probably. Take your little numbers and stats and piss off.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

crap, nogolis

you edited your post.

i LOL'd at the PC comment... heh

and Charmers, we're talking about "when you're gaming"

Charmers3597d ago

But it is the height of maturity to sit around on the sofa playing computer games is it ? I mean come on here are you trying to tell us that MATURE adults are quite happy to have all the daddies around to sit on their sofa and play the latest generic shooter ? I am a mature adult and if one of my friends said "hey come and play Uncharted 2" I would quickly remove the sad cretin from my phone book.

Oh and it says a lot about YOU claiming I said "wasted" I never said that at all I merely said I would rather go out drinking or partying, you know ADULT activities.

nogolis3597d ago

Charmers, you sound like a closed minded tough guy who is too worried about being cool than being himself. So what, you play games. Who cares? So what, you have friends that just want sit inside a night or two and jam a game rather than jam beer down their throats. It doesn't matter. It's actually, believe it or not, more healthy and productive...

I play Guitar some 30 hours a week... Do you think I care that others are out doing better things with their time? Nope. It's what I enjoy doing and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. I don't game much anymore, I just had a baby girl in October and my time is split between her and my band but when I do I know it's on a console where I'm not chained 2 feet away from a monitor on a desktop.

I'm not ashamed to say I've jammed some games in my day. Not at all. In fact, a good game is a great way to open up some creativity in yourself. Writing, playing music and even with filming.

Charmers3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well guess what nogolis it may surprise you to know that I am not chained to my desk either. I know blasphemy eh, I mean all PC gamers are chained to the desk aren't they ? I actually have my PC hooked up to a monitor on my desk and my HD TV. I can CHOOSE if I want to sit at the desk and I can CHOOSE if I want to lounge on the sofa and use my wireless keyboard/mouse/joypad. That is one of the fundamental things about PC's, it's CHOICE. I game how I want to game not how I am expected to game like you are on the consoles.

I don't think there is anything shameful in enjoying games. I have been a PC gamer for nearly 20 years. However claiming consoles are "real" gaming just because you can sit on the sofa is pathetic and childish. When you DO become an adult (and no having a child does not make you an adult) you will find that most adults will not want to sit around playing a "game" with their friends, they will want to be out there interacting socially with other adults and enjoying themselves.

nogolis3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Dude, you are missing the point completley... I wouldn't go up to anyone and say "hey let's go play some games, man" That's just not me. I'm using it as a point of reference for teens, the demograph who traffics the site, man. I don't sit around playing a lot of games on anything these days... But if I do I'm not ashamed of it. I don't hide that fact. And if one of my bandmates come over or I go over to there place and we wanna sit around and jam some games I'm all for it. I don't need to go out to bars and socialize, I'm in that atmosphere plenty.

I do a multitude of things with my wife and, believe it or not, some of them resort to playing video games... From our sofa on a console, no less. We're in our mid 20's by the way and being a parent takes time. It's not something you learn over night. I'm me right now... Me with a baby, but I know one day I'll be a good parent and that's all that matters.

dirthurts3597d ago

I own them all, but the only one I wouldn't give up is my pc.
Why? Because it's MY pc. I built it. It's to my specifications. If I want to game at my desk with my mouse and keyboard, sure. If I want to play on my tv with my 360 controller, all day long. If I want to run a game on one display and chat with my friends on the other I can do that too. I can even mod my games. Copy saves.etc.
That's why I like it. It's the platform of options, and expression. Not to mention killer visuals ; )

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

lol, i pasted his quote to my hardcore PC gaming friend

i found it funny, i don't hate PC gaming. i just don't find it comfortable. but the specs are always ahead on PC.

N4g_null3597d ago

Hmmm I have a pc in my living room and even with full wireless setup it's nice. I even have the old gryo mouse that let's you point like the wii mote. I think I'm going to mode a wii mote for my pc also.

I don't know I have like 3 computers or more in my house and we all play online games from poker to quake wars other wise it's the wii or me drawing up some concepts on my big screen.

If I could model on a console and texture along with zbrush I would love it.
I tend to watch movies for stories though devs can not even keep up with pixar right now.

You know on pc you could actually make some sound tracks and get paid. Also mostly every in gaming started on a pc.

Major_Tom3596d ago

Too ignorant to notice consoles are basically becoming prebuilt PC's?

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dirthurts3597d ago

Very well written. I'm glad to be seeing more pc articles on N4G lately.

FantasyStar3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

How can anyone argue against the writer? No gamer here wants to see creativity get destroyed in the name of making a solid buck by tossing out the next CoD 42 or MGS-44. New ideas, new ways of playing, new stories is what keeps us all in the gaming culture.

dirthurts3597d ago

I would like to see developers do more creative things, and I'm sure they would like to do more creative things. However, it's simply too risky right now to go in that direction.
A big game flop can bring down an entire studio. Sad but true right now.

FantasyStar3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

That's one thing I love about PC gaming that the writer addressed so well already. With PC Gaming, anyone can make their own games and answer to no-one. With PC; the development costs aren't as high because you're using readily made tools and need not answer to any company for SDKs and be encumbered under devkit fees, royalty fees, production fees. With fewer risks, you can experiment more and be more creative, thus contributing to our culture.

The best unintentional game in existence was made by one man. Alexey Pajitnov.

Look his ass up.

meepmoopmeep3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

it seems PC is only heading towards MMO's and FPS or casual

PotNoodle3597d ago

"it seems PC is only heading towards MMO's and FPS or casual"

Really? MMO's, yeah, but FPS - it is a strong point of the PC, but i don't think there is as much of a focus on it anymore. Casual? What?

I'd say the PC seems to start to specialise in the strategy games, and probably will do until the consoles have another control method that is suited towards that. Same with some of the RPG's, we'll see Diablo 3 absolutely shine on the PC, and even the RPG's with console versions such as Dragon age clearly show a massive advantage on the PC version.

But yeah, console ports don't do well on PC, because unlike console gamers, many PC gamers don't just follow the wind and buy the latest hype, they have years of games at their disposal that outperform many of these console ports, so why should they bother to buy them? I'm looking at you MW2.

Seeing a game that was developed with PC gaming in mind always reminds you as to why it is one of the main driving forces in where gaming will go next. Look at all the big hooks on console gaming, including online features, graphics, and even how the games are made and played, many of it was all seen on PC first. But if we just continue to see console ports to the PC, we'll loose that progression and won't only be bad for PC gaming, but i can really see it having an impact on console gaming.

Enate3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Everyone knows games like Dragon Age shined on the PC an you know what I played it on PC an could not stand the slow pace of the game an couldn't stop falling asleep on it. I'm not saying its a bad game but don't sit here an act like everything that's made for the PC is golden cuz that my friend is bs an you know it. I agree about the strategy games obviously because PC so far like you said is the only way to go for that. Diablo 3 no doubt will shine on PC but who here didn't already know that, an god knows when its coming out.

An you said pc gamers have years of games an don't jump on the next big thing. Well that's not hard to say when lately for the PC world the next big thing hasn't happened since Crysis and it shows. What is the point of years of games I don't want to play, gaming is about going forward an giving new experiences. I promise you, anything I have ever wanted to play I've played it. Now 23 years old an playing since I could hold a controller I promise you I know how to pick choose an refuse. Putting people who play on console in a single group like you did is not something you should do because it is not true for everyone. Now I will give you the 360 side of things does no doubt do exactly what you said on occasion with Halo, Gears, MW2 they are ready to jump on like the sheep on the ipod in the mp3 world.

The mention of out performance an this that an the third is always brought up in pc vs console argument. Though what does it really matter if you don't have the games because that's what its really about at the end of the day. I have a gaming rig an for the longest while its been doing nothing but pretty much surfing the web an Mass Effect since I built it last July. Yet my PS3 combined with Gamefly an the occasional purchase it has given me countless hours of fun but my pc is so superior right? Now don't get me wrong I love my PC I built it for a reason but I'm not gonna sit here an act like its putting out the greatest games ever made when its really not putting out anything at all but future promises an slow rpgs.

I'll end in explaining the biggest faults in PC gaming one their is no standard for PC's. Like for instance the entire pc market agreeing no PC below these specs will be made starting now. Which is one reason why PC games haven't pushed the graphical limit as much lately but the pc only guys love to play the blame it on the console games. When in fact its the fault of that very thing they love so much that is at fault. The differences in their systems that customization they love so much is ultimately the primary issue when putting out games. You don't want to put out a game an appeal to half the market out of the gate because of your specs that's dangerous.

Another issue that comes up again with the customization of PC gaming is when they do decide to push the envelope more often then not. The game is poorly optimized an just depends on you upgrading your system over optimization. This is the one thing that console devs benefit from over time working with a standard they constantly find new an innovative ways to continue to pull out more an more performance out of a so called outdated build. A perfect example of amazing optimization is Guild Wars it has been for a long time one of the better looking MMO's doesn't require much for you to play it maxed out yet the game still holds up pretty well even today visually.

At the end of all this, point in fact is it doesn't matter if you have 1500hp if you don't have anywhere to run it.

PotNoodle3597d ago

"I'm not saying its a bad game but don't sit here an act like everything that's made for the PC is golden cuz that my friend is bs an you know it. "

Um, i'm not at all. You clearly didn't actually read what i said.

Enate3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"Seeing a game that was developed with PC gaming in mind always reminds you as to why it is one of the main driving forces in where gaming will go next"

That is what I'm talking about because that is not always the case. An I love the 6 disagrees with no response because I'm betting no one got past the first sentence an could not formulate a proper response.

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pippoppow3597d ago

'I'd also like to make note that there has never been 1 game done on the Pc ever in the history of Pc gaming that has ever invoked a feeling of awe or inspiration like a console game has.'

You obviously weren't a PC gamer in the 90s. You prefer consoles and that's fine but you can play the better version on a PC and have it hooked up to your HDTV (if you have one of course). PC gaming is not what it used to be but is still a very viable option to play games on. Besides some genres like MMO, strategy and FPS (to many)are better with a keyboard and mouse.

TABSF3597d ago

I was a hardcore Console gamers from NES to PS3, Had them or played them all
Been through every Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft console and 2 Sega's and 1 Atari but in November 2007 it all changed

In November 2007 my eldest brother was going to a PC outlet so I tagged along, was not expecting anything fancy as I had that console n00bism persona about me, then I noticed a game running so I thought I'd try it out.
Did not know nothing about the game, so as I was going through the map I was like I need this game, after playing I realized is was Crysis demo, It blow my mind away really
About 2 weeks passed since seeing Crysis and I got my first ever Desktop computer, had a laptop as all console n00bs do but getting a PC changes everything.

Since then I have built my new PC with High end hardware and collected over 100 PC games with 94 being on Steam, If it was not for that trip and playing Crysis I would still be a backward little bast*rd playing PS3 and 360.

I have all current Gen consoles, I have not seen one game that is anywhere near Crysis at high never mind very high or graphics mods

My Steam ID Tabsf1
My GFWL & XBL ID: Tabsf1

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

arguing about power and graphics is foolish.

i think he was talking about the "social" aspect of gaming, not its power
(no, online gaming doesn't count)

N4g_null3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I don't think it's going to happen either. Crush huts with people in them is fun and nothing beats the real time editor. By then I had ut3 master could even fake light bleeding yet once I got into crysis nothing came close.

Yet game play wise nothing beats quake wars to me full air assult great dog fights right over a real battle not just capture the flag objectives ethier. Class system with world stats including where you are from. Also rage is coming along with lots of great updates.

Another thing about pc gaming is it's not really owned by one company and exclusives are not really away to keep gamers locked in.
Meep what social aspect? What friend lists? Bring friends over to play, really on an hd console? We record and watch matches all the time and you can watch most pro gamer match on your own screen. So I can get real arcade sticks to play sf4 on my pc in my living room?

LAN parties started on pc. We have countless Im apps and most console dont even have real browsers.

Tell me about some thing a pc can not do.

I just got an i7 quad with 16gigs of ram and waiting for my hd5000 to get mailed. Ssd drives are great too.

Letros3597d ago

enjoy man, have a 5850 here, its a nice card.

PC is about freedom and customization, yea it doesn't have the sitting around drinking beer with friends playing madden that consoles have.

It's about multiplayer(APB CnC4 SC2 SW:TOR, not your run of the mill 10 hour single player game you trade in for another 10 hour single player game like I do for my PS3).

Huge logic flaw that kid has above for consoles have HDTV's, yea my PC has an HMDI out just like my PS3...

evrfighter3597d ago

I think the lesson learned here is that if a pc gamer really wanted a HDTV/Sofa setup

He would have it yup, and it would be wickedly better

meepmoopmeep3597d ago

you guys are hilarious


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