Newegg 72 Hour Weekend Sale Kicks Off

" has just kicked off a 72 Hour Weekend Sale!

Some highlights include:

- Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway (PS3/Xbox 360) - $14.99 w/ Free Shipping
- Motorstorm Pacific Rift (PS3) - $27.99 w/ free shipping
- Geometry Wars: Galaxies (Nintendo Wii) - $9.99 w/ free shipping
- Western Digital 250GB 7200 RPM Internal Notebook Hard drive - $59.99 w/ free shipping
- plus much more....

Check it out:"

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Sarick3982d ago

I signed up for the e-mail promos got a 500gb 7200rpm double platter internal laptop HDD with 16 magabytes cache for my ps3 for under $90 with free shipping.

Sadly, the weather hasn't allowed the UPS driver access and I haven't received it yet. This weather hasn't let up since Christmas. I still have stuff I bought before Christmas that I haven't received. Not neweggs fault though.

If your interested in Neweggs best deals don't wait for some deals site to tell you just sign up to Neweggs mailer.

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04soldier3982d ago

Where do I sign up??? Because this is a steal....

crck3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I got my 320 gb 2.5 western digital blue from Dell 2 months ago for $48 including tax and shipping during a sale. But I guess it is a 7200rpm. But I'm just using mine in a usb enclosure so it doesn't really matter.

Sarick3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

There should be a line near the top that says "never miss another deal" with a subscribe button beside it. Just put your e-mail in there and make sure to check your mail to move it to a non-spam folder.

This is the only company I like getting e-mail from because they have good deals and great service.

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