Top 5 PSP Exclusives Released in 2009

Despite the declining hardware sales, the PSP had one of its best years ever in 2009 in terms of quality software thanks to excellent lineup lead by a slew of great exclusive games.

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execution173594d ago

but i didn't care much for dissidia, got bored of it pretty quick

dinsurya3594d ago

Where is Gran Turismo ?!

ChampIDC3594d ago

I don't get why Dissidia keeps hitting the top of these lists. It was fun, but it was far from a perfect game. I guess these sites just like mass amounts of content.

xabmol3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I guess...

Saying that Dissidia is the best PSP game is like saying Dragon BallZ Budokai was the best fighting game on the PS2.

Oh wait! This is FF!! All bow before the great FF!! .,..sheesh >.>

Redempteur3594d ago

at least dissidia has the merit of giving a lot of content ..

a fantasy fighting game with a lot of thing to do is still a win ..

3594d ago
3594d ago